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Bulk Import 3.0: Upload and import many books at once

We are happy to announce that our publishers can now import many books in one step. The new bulk import works via sftp and also via a graphic interface. Watch the video for details or read on.

Who is bulk import good for?

We have improved our bulk import function for greater convenience of publishers of all size; including self-publishers with many books. Bulk import is an easy and quick way to publish many books at once. Just collect your epubs and covers, organise your metadata in one sheet, and drag and drop everything. Simple, isn’t it? It is time-consuming to upload books one by one, filling in metadata pages manually, saving them, then sending the individual titles to store. Publishers now have the option to manage all their books’ data in one meta sheet.

Validation of the files happens in the background. You’ll be notified via email once everything is ready for you.

What has changed:

  • Faster import time – You don’t need to wait for the files to be validated when you upload them. The validation of your files starts automatically in the background once the metadata sheet has been uploaded. You are welcome to close the window and leave. We’ll message you once your books are in the system.
  • Validation results are sent in a single email – Sometimes there are titles we cannot import: because of an invalid cover or epub file, or missing mandatory metadata. If you need to make any changes, we send you one handy email with instructions.
  • Send to stores immediately – You decide what happens to your books. You can import them as draft for a final check, or send them to stores immediately. Your settings are saved until you change them.
  • Using only valid titles from metadata files – If some of your ebooks, covers or metadata are invalid, we will import all valid titles and email you regarding the rest.
  • Multiple prices are used – If your ONIX metadata contains multiple prices in different currencies, we import and use those as well, in accordance with our Advanced Pricing option.

Check our Help Center for more information.

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