Import your Kobo Writing Life and D2D sales reports to PublishDrive Abacus

As you might know, PublishDrive’s royalty management  and splitting service Abacus has been saving hours of time for those who work with co-authors or publishing teams.

And thanks to feedback from authors like you, Abacus has been expanded to accept more royalty formats:

We’re excited to announce that Kobo Writing Life (KWL) and D2D royalties are now compatible with Abacus!

Why is this great for authors? In addition to Amazon sales reports, you can easily import your KWL and D2D sales reports for convenient royalty splitting!

Just drag-and-drop your reports into Abacus, assign royalty percentages and complete the import process, and you’re good to go! You can then calculate co-author royalties, track costs and author advances, and manage other team finances.

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Let’s see in the guide below how it works.

Just as for other retailers, you need to export your monthly sales data first, to be able to import them to Abacus. Let’s see how you can do it.

Download reports from your Kobo Writing Life account

Please use the detailed invoice data that emailed to you every month from Kobo Writing Life, or follow these steps to download them:

Download D2D reports

Export your sales data from D2D:

  1. Sign in to your account on D2D
  2. Go My Reports
  3. Choose eBook Raw Sales Data
  4. For report period choose the period (month) you wish to import to abacus
  5. Download your results in CSV format


  • D2D report may contain verified and not verified sales info as well (Column “Verified”). Abacus excludes all non-verified sales from royalty reporting!
  • You need to download your report month-by-month to be imported to Abacus

Import data to PublishDrive abacus

  1. Log in to PublishDrive:
  2. Start ababus with “Split Royalties” button
  3. Drop your downloaded CSV file to abacus
  4. Select the titles you wish to include to Abacus
  5. Provide your contributors’ data
  6. Review the data
  7. Finish Import

Click “ADD DATA & UPDATE” button on the top of the page

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