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As self-publishing evolves, more opportunities appear every day for indie authors to make money and reach new readers. One exciting new opportunity is the Dreame reading app, which has exploded in popularity for the English-speaking South Asian market. Are you ready to embrace a large community of active book lovers?

This article was written in 2019. By the end of 2020, Dreame became PublishDrive's #1 fastest-growing store that brought indies 92,441% more digital book sales.

PublishDrive is thrilled to introduce the Dreame app to our growing distribution network of 400+ stores. If you’re a self-published author and you’d like to monetize your work through this niche channel, stick around. In this article, we’ll explore:

  • How Dreame works
  • The benefits of distributing ebooks to Dreame
  • How to reach Dreame readers through PublishDrive

What is Dreame?

Dreame is an exciting new reading app that caters to the English-speaking South Asian market for female readers between the ages of 18-35. Operated by Stary, the reading app originally started in Singapore and quickly became the top app of its kind in Indonesia and the Philippines.

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It’s also one of the top stories reading apps in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India. Within its first year, their app was downloaded over 3 million times in the Google Play and Apple app stores, and it has an average of 1.2 million monthly active readers. It is ranked as the second highest reading app by revenue.

How Does Dreame Work?

This reading app is unique in that it has an episodic model. Instead of buying the entire ebook at once, readers pay with virtual coins to unlock each new episode of content. Books are divided into 1000-word episodes.

Read our Help Center article on Dreame's episodic model to learn how authors earn royalties through this new episodic model.

Benefits of Distributing Ebooks to Dream

If you distribute your ebooks wide (compared to Amazon exclusivity), then it’s important to explore all possible avenues to sell your work. With Dreame, you can take advantage of their lucrative episodic model to earn thousands of dollars for new releases, monetize your backlist, and reach a new market of voracious readers.

The episodic model is also more flexible; since readers can pick and choose which chapters to read, it’s a less risky investment for them.


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It’s also great for cultivating super fans. Their reading app is already performing well in genres like Romance, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, and it’s a great way to keep your readers wanting more with your binge-worthy content. And with their promo opportunities, you can boost discoverability even more.

How To Distribute Ebooks To Dreame

If you want to reach new customers through their app, sign up to PublishDrive.  

*(Note: A limited number of titles will be accepted for expedited publication by Christmas. Please submit a maximum of 3 titles from your catalog. Currently they are only accepting fiction.)

All non-expedited titles will be distributed to the app as long as this store is enabled in your distribution settings. If you’d like to opt out, simply disable Dreame in your distribution settings.

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