Publish Ebook, Print & Audio Under One Roof!

As pioneers in self-publishing, we’ve done it again. We’ve expanded PublishDrive’s capacity and added print books plus audiobooks to the platform. Indies can cater to readers’ needs and reach new audiences!

Achieving this makes us the only publishing platform out there doing this. Authors and publishers can easily manage ebook, print, and audio under one roof. So for our indies, that is simple and effective digital publishing. Get customer support and tools in distribution, marketing, sales reporting, and more for all formats you’d like.

Why Print & Audio Books?

These are lucrative formats to get into. Print-on-demand services are estimated to be $150 billion dollars by 2022 (Gen Z loves print!). Audio is the fastest-growing format in online publishing.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your earnings, these are it. You not only give your existing readers more options to choose from, but you attract new readers too! Don’t miss out on maximizing your business potential.

If you're simply learning how to publish your own book, start off on the right track by leveraging all formats. Self-publish your book in paperback or leverage audiobook distribution.

In true PublishDrive fashion, we’ve made distributing audiobooks and print books easy and worthwhile -- just how it is with our ebook publishing. We’ll go over the process in a bit. But first, the benefits.


Why self-publish print book & audiobook with PublishDrive?

  • Add another revenue stream easily
  • Access over 30K physical stores online with print-on-demand with PublishDrive
  • Reach readers in China (a HUGE market)
  • Get a head start with exclusive promotion opportunities
  • Manage everything in one dashboard

How to get a book published. Easy as 1, 2, & 3!

In this warm ‘n cozy home, distributing print and audio is handled seamlessly.

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up
  2. Go through the "Onboarding"
  3. Upload your first print or audio title
  4. & that’s it! You can check out your channel list under ‘Stores’

See our Help Articles on either print or audio for detailed steps.

Tips to increase book sales

We’ve written about the top 5 tips to know about selling books line (full guide here). Long story short, you should make sure to:

  1. Research your market - Look at bestselling titles, covers, descriptions, prices, and more in your genre.
  2. Analyze your book - Did you use an editor, beta reader, different formats, or other factors that make up the final product of your book?
  3. Sell your book everywhere - For example, PublishDrive’s widest distribution of over 400 online stores and 140k digital libraries can generate +82% in earnings.
  4. Use promotion tactics - Collecting reviews? Running ads for books on Amazon? You can do these and more from PublishDrive’s single dashboard.
  5. Analyze your sales data - This is always crucial. On PublishDrive you can track sales real-time for all stores, review rankings, download reports, and lots more.

Here are the ways you can use PublishDrive’s built-in book marketing tools and special promotion deals to boost those sales:

  • Amazon Advertising: We integrate our built-in tool with AI in identifying the most relevant areas to target.
  • Free review copies: Send protected review copies to friends and influencers directly from Apple Books and Google Play Books.
  • Featuring: We recommend books for features on stores’ front pages, categories, newsletters, and more. You can do so easily from your dashboard.
  • Price promotion: Run your own promotional discounts for your books easily with the PublishDrive tool.

If you don’t have an account on PublishDrive yet, why not? Get started now!

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Our team is just happy we’re finally able to offer independent authors and publishers the means to easily manage all three formats -ebook, print-on-demand, audiobook - in one dashboard. (No other book publishing companies are doing this yet!)