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Your Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Pricing on PublishDrive

Back in April of 2017, our partnership with Amazon changed, giving our users better royalties and other benefits.

To help you better understand these changes, we’ll be breaking down exactly how Amazon pricing works through PublishDrive, the differences between the two pricing structures, and how to apply them.

What You Need to Know About Amazon Pricing on PublishDrive

PublishDrive offers two pricing structures for books distributed to Amazon: Enhanced Plan and Standard Plan.

Each plan has specific conditions and benefits. The right plan for you depends on the price of your book and other factors. Let’s take a look:

(Note: Feel free to skip ahead to view the quick comparison table at the end).

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Ebook Pricing for a Foreign Market – Eurozone and Eastern Europe

It is always exciting to read and write about faraway lands and cultures. But our ebook pricing tour has finally reached my home market: Europe. Is there more to the Eurozone than just – Euro? What and who decides ebook prices?

As many of our readers are indeed from Europe, we would be really interested to know what works for you, what strategies have you used?

What influences pricing in Europe?

One of the biggest challenge publishers of mainland Europe face is the case of high VAT. Unlike American and British ebooks, books bought all over Europe are subject to high (even as much as 27%!) VAT. This results in higher ebook prices in general: in order for the publishers to get anything back after VAT and distribution costs have been deducted the prices can’t be kept at 1 euro. (VAT is calculated based on the buyer’s country.)

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Ebook Pricing for a Foreign Market – East Asia and India

This article is the second part of our series, Ebook Pricing for a Foreign Market. You can find the first article here: it covers general rules of pricing for a foreign market and the advantages and disadvantages of territorial pricing. It also covers pricing for the Southeast Asian ebook market: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

Today’s article will focus on East Asian markets (Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China) and India.

ebook pricing for east asia
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Ebook Pricing for a Foreign Market – Pricing an Ebook in Southeast Asia

It is difficult enough already to price an ebook for your home market: how difficult can it be when you don’t know a market? You don’t only have to be aware of the most popular genres and the trends in these genres but have a clear picture on pricing. We’re trying to solve this problem with a series of guides.

We always recommend that you do a lot of research before entering a new market, but it is difficult and time-consuming. It is an unavoidable step when you are thinking of translations; but if you write in English, there is no reason why you wouldn’t try selling your books all over the world straight away.

The PublishDrive platform makes intelligent and meaningful pricing of books possible: you can set the price individually by stores in the country’s own currency, sensitive to local trends. But until now you were faced with two options: either you ignored the intelligent pricing and let the prices set automatically or you were condemned to hours of research to learn the rules of your genre and countries. And if you choose this route, you were probably discouraged by the many different currencies: who knows how many RM (Malaysian Ringgit) is one Euro?

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How To Price An Ebook – If You Want People to Buy It

how to price an ebook

Setting the ideal price of your ebook is the final step of self-publishing.

By the time you get to the point where you set a price for your work, you might think that you’re done with the hard part. But finding the right price might not be that easy after all.

Pricing is one of the keys to success. There is no best practice on how to price an ebook to sell well. Different factors are affecting the price such as genre, length, quality of the book, the status of the author, etc.

You need to put all these aspects into consideration when choosing the right price.

Get inside your reader’s mind

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Ebook Pricing Guide for Different Markets – How to do it right

Writing an ebook is hard. Pricing it should not be harder. Ebook pricing, however, can often feel like a maze without exits. It is easy to get lost or confused. With the following ebook pricing guide we would like to help beginners and seasoned publishers to find their way out.

If you are interested in different ebook pricing business models, keep reading. The first part of this article is for you.

If you are a self-publisher, however, and “nominal revenue share” is all Greek to you, just click on the links to skip the first part, and jump to learn about international markets, Amazon KDP and tips and tricks for setting the price of your book.

(Article was updated on 17/01/2018.)

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