Earn more money with affiliate program @ PublishDrive!

We are happy to announce a new affiliate program for ebook publishing!

We found that 30% of our current customers invite others to use our platform. We want to give you back for all of your effort and encourage you to spread the word about PublishDrive. That is why we have launched our affiliate program, where you can easily invite your friends to PublishDrive, meanwhile you earn money!

If you successfully invite publishers, you will earn 3% commission after all sales of first 6 months of publishers you have invited.

How does it work?

·     after registration at admin.publishdrive.com you will receive your own affiliate registration link. You should tell your acquaintance about PublishDrive and send them your link

·     every publisher that use this link for registration will be counted as your acquirement

·     for every sale made by these publishers you will have 3% commission for 6 month after the registration of the publisher

At affiliate page – within PublishDrive – you can follow:

·     who made registration with your affiliate link, and when it happened

·     how many books “your” publishers have uploaded

·     how much you earned for each month

And finally:

·     We send your earnings to your bank account 🙂

That’s all! To start, please sign in to admin.publishdrive.com, click on the Affiliate button and walk through the steps there.

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