Business model

PublishDrive delivers titles to more than 400 stores worldwide in Europe, US and Asia. Our stores include major ones, such as Apple, Google and Amazon, and local ebook retailers. PublishDrive is not just a solution for ebook distribution, but is the ERP for digital publishing with intelligent solutions for real time sales analytics, metadata management and marketing activities.

If you choose to publish only on KDP, your ebook will be available only at Amazon. Amazon’s share of the global ebook market is high, but on the long term, it is worth working with many stores, just to have more feet on the ground. According to our current sales numbers, Amazon contributes to 45% of the global ebook sales, while 55% happens elsewhere. We strongly advise you to publish your ebook in many other stores, such as Apple iBooks or Google Play and on new, subscription based platforms, such as Scribd. This way you can immediately reach billions of readers who have these apps preinstalled on their devices. Please note that the more stores your books appear in, the higher your SEO results and Google ranking will be, which can result in higher sales numbers.


  • automatically sells your ebooks in more than 400 stores. (But you are free to opt out from any of them anytime you want.)
  • uses a unique identifier (PUI) so you don’t have to apply for ISBN.
  • validates your metadata and epub files for all 400 stores worldwide.
  • collects and analyses all your sales data in real time.
  • consolidates sales reports.
  • manages the operative financials for you, including billing and collecting your money.
  • manages merchandising for ebooks.

For an extra fee, PublishDrive:

  • converts your files what you can download in PublishDrive.
  • fixes the mistakes in your own converted epub files and makes them meet store standards.

We do not have any hidden fees: we only earn money if you sell books. PublishDrive takes 10% cut after net sales in every ebook store sold. If you ask us for ebook conversion, we charge a one-time fee. In case of unique solutions or interactive books this pricing may be higher, please contact us for specific rates.

Who decides the price of my book?

Only you. PublishDrive uses the agency model, meaning that the publisher sets the retail price and receives royalty based on this price. Some of the channels may have promotions on their own, but those will not hurt the publishers’ royalty, it stays the same.

It depends on the store, but it is usually 50-60% of the net sales. You can see the conditions of each platform before deciding whether you would like us to distribute your books there. When we acquire a new ebook store, you will receive an announcement in email with the main terms and conditions of the new store. Please contact us on support@publishdrive.com to receive more information about the stores and the specific royalties.

  • Registration: You have to register on PublishDrive via admin.publishdrive.com. You have to accept our terms and conditions.
  • Account: You have to choose whether you are a publishing company or a self-published author. Please do not forget to fill out all financial info to make sure that you will get paid.
  • Ebook upload: You can upload your books in an epub format, covers in jpg and fill in the metadata questionnaire. You can either manually upload your books one by one, or use our bulk upload option with an Excel sheet or with ONIX.
  • Ebook conversion: We can help you with ebook conversion if your books are available in docx, indd (InDesign file), rtf, html or PDF. For this service, you have to pay a one-time fee based on the complexity and length of the book. While we prefer to receive the above listed formats as an input, we also accept the print PDF to make sure that your ebook will look similar to the print version. After a successful conversion, your epub files can be downloaded via PublishDrive and you will have the rights to them.
  • Ebook review: After your ebook is uploaded, we run both automated and manual book review processes to make sure your ebook and metadata are in the best shape.
  • Link tracking: You can follow your available books under ‘Books’ section in the column of ‘Stores’ with clickable links leading to the specific stores. This way you can easily check on and keep track of your books.
  • Marketing and promotions: You can simply tweet or post the links to your available ebooks on Twitter and Facebook straight from the platform, and you can also schedule price promotions.
  • Sales reports: You can download your monthly sales reports on the 25th of the following month.
  • Billing and financials: You are provided with an invoice in EUR, so you just have to wait for your money! 🙂


You can register at admin.publishdrive.com by simply typing your details.
You have to accept our terms and conditions and you have to chose whether you are a publishing company or a self-published author.
Publishing companies have a registered company entity with valid TAX ID.

Self-publishers are individuals, not a registered company. In case of self-publishers/authors PublishDrive pays a royalty to the author. As an individual the author is obliged to arrange and administer all their appropriate taxes, affixes etc. according to their home country’s law. Further information may be received at the local tax agency houses.

If you are a self-publisher, not a publishing company, you should register a self-publisher account in PublishDrive. You can chose it in the 2nd step during the registration process.

As a Tax number we would need any kind of tax id/social security number in order to make sure, billing is in order for both of us.

Please contact us at support@publishdrive.com and PublishDrive team will be able to help you out.

In your ‘Account’ please fill out your details such as Payment settings and Imprints and stores.

Book conversion

You can either convert your ebook file on your own or order ebook conversion from us. If you chose to convert your ebook on your own, please make sure to use .epub extension and one of the following converters such as InDesign epub export, Sigil, Calibre. Please notice that full automated conversion will leave many errors in your file which makes it still readable for personal use, but for commercial ebook distribution the quality will be very poor. Every time you use a converter, please use PublishDrive to check its quality.
You may ask for ebook conversion for a one time fee if your books are available only in docx, InDesign file, rtf, html or PDF. The conversion fee will be calculated based on the complexity and length of the book. We prefer to receive docx, InDesign file, rtf or html as an input format, but the print PDF can be uploaded as well to make sure your ebook will be similar to the print book version. After successful conversion your files can be downloaded via PublishDrive, so you can use them on your own as well.
Please write us an email to support@publishdrive.com to make sure that your order is processed in a professional way.
We charge for ebook conversion only a one time fee: 0.5 USD per page. But please be aware if you require unique solutions or interactive books pricing may be higher.
We will get in contact with you regarding your ebook conversion order and it takes usually 3 business days per one book. But in case of complex and long ebooks it may be a longer period. In case of fixed-layout and interactive ebooks, not just the pricing may be significantly higher, but we may have to contact you to brief your exact needs and creative ideas which will consume more time.
Yes, you can download your files easily from PublishDrive and you as the copyright holder will be able to sell those ebooks in your own shop, but not in the stores where PublishDrive is publishing your books already.
Yes, you can order both fixed layout and interactive ebooks as well. However, in case of fixed-layout and interactive ebooks, not just the pricing may be significantly higher, but we may have to contact you regarding your exact needs and creative ideas which will consume more time.

InDesign is a great tool for editing your print book version and it has an export tool for ebook version (epub). However, no export function is perfect at the moment, so still some manual work has to be done to receive a quality epub file in the end.

We recommend to check your ebooks on digital reading devices such as Nook, Kobo readers, smartphone apps (Google Play Books, Aldiko, etc.), iPad and also in softwares like Adobe Digital Editions.
Here is a list how to check your converted ebooks:
  • Hyperlinks – are they all present and do they all work?
  • Special sorts – are these all displaying correctly?
  • Typos – in text that has been re-keyed (e.g. top-level author and title name, main table of contents, picture captions, chapter numbers) be on the look-out for errors and/or inconsistent capitalization.
  • Layout and formatting – e-text is mutable, and we have much less control over the way it appears than we do with a static, printed page. However, please check those pages and features where layout is crucial – e.g. epigraphs and dedications, poetry, tables, charts and figures.
  • Integrated artwork/images – do images display well, and are they in the correct position?
  • Re-run text – where text reflows, has it caused problems (e.g. hard hyphens retained)?
  • Prelims/endmatter – are these all present in the correct order (including cover/jacket image), and worded correctly in the main table of contents?
  • Cover/jacket – check the latest version was supplied and that there are no typos
Managing and maintaining layouts can be a significant issue because ePub (and mobi/prc) is a reflowable format; that’s to say that, unlike a PDF, the page structure is not pre-set and fixed by the publisher.
Consequently, publishers and authors need to be aware that they no longer have control over layout.
For poetry publishers this can be problematic.
Editorially you also need to be aware of the impact this will have on the current use of internal referencing.
Tables can be a problem
In ePub/mobi complex tables do not work well. Again this is because ePub (and mobi/prc) is a reflowable format. It’s not a PDF.
The screen size varies between devices, and the type size selected is no longer in the hands of the author/publisher. Depending on the settings selected by the user it is possible that the same text can occupy either 3 or 11 words a line on an e-reader device or tablet. This can have a very undesirable effect upon the presentation of tables, impacting on column alignment and what can be seen on the screen.
You have little control over typeface used
The Kindle offers you the choice of only one typeface. With ePub it depends on the particular device whether there is a range of fonts or not. The iPad offers a wider selection (the default being Palatino) but the consumer decides which font they want to use, not the publisher or author.
Some devices such as the original Kindle e-ink device are monochrome only.  Illustrations and captions do not always stay together; as the text is reflowable there is no control over where the illustration will fall on the screen and whether there is sufficient space to accommodate the caption as well. At the moment these formats are not able to accommodate landscape captions.
The majority of ebook files in the market are reflowable, which means that the text can be resized by the reader and they have more control. However, this does not work for all types of books. When the title is particularly dependent on keeping the same layout as the print version (as it would be with an atlas or a picture book for instance) then a reflowable ebook will not offer a good reading experience.
For titles like these we can produce fixed layout files for you, though the cost may be higher. This is an option that allows the print layout to be recreated almost exactly as the file holds the form like a PDF, which is achieved by making each page an image and inserting tags around it.
This option is supported by certain retailers such as Apple, Amazon, Kobo and Nook. Apple, Kobo and Nook can all support fixed layout ePub files, though each one requires a slightly different version, which can again lead to additional charges for conversion. Amazon supports fixed layout in their KF8 files.
We can also produce web-optimised PDF files for you, which are the favoured format of some library suppliers. These files offer the functionality of a regular PDF file but have linked bookmarks and a lower file size in order to make them more manageable and user-friendly.
If you are interested in producing ebooks of highly-illustrated titles there are several options available. Please contact us to discuss the next steps.
Converting a print index into ePub and mobi/prc format is far from ideal. Currently the approach is to convert print page numbers into sequential numbers, those sequential numbers are then hyperlinked to the top of the equivalent print page. As ePub/mobi is reflowable the index reference itself could end up being several screens away from the top of the equivalent print page which makes navigating to the reference awkward. Some publishers choose to drop the index because of this whilst others decide to live with the weaknesses associated with a converted index.
Special sorts
Non-Latin based languages cannot easily be accommodated at the moment. Mathematics is also problematic (and expensive) to convert.

Book upload

If you are registered in PublishDrive it is a straightforward process to upload your books in 60 seconds. There is only one important thing before you start uploading: prepare your metadata, epub and jpg files in order to speed up the uploading process. If you want to add a book, please fill out the metadata form with data such as author, category, price, territory rights etc., drag and drop your files (content and cover) and save your file. If you revised your files and metadata you can send them out to stores with only one click.

Please use our bulk upload function. You have to fill out an excel spreadsheet with all required data and you have to upload your content files and cover files with naming them to ISBN, e.g. ISBN.epub and ISBN.jpg. Please understand if you may make mistakes in the metadata, it may happen that the import will be broken or our colleagues may have to clean the data manually. In addition, if you do not name your files according to their ISBN or you mismatch your files and metadata ISBN, there will be mistakes regarding your book. If you chose the bulk upload method, please make sure that your data is clean, your epub and cover files are ready and named with ISBN.

Yes, but currently we are primarily focusing on books, however in a few months we will add magazines/newspapers as well to our product line. Alternatively, in the meantime we would suggest to you to convert your magazine to an epub (ebook format) if it makes sense for you.

ePub 2 and epub 3 format, based on the IDPF standard.
If needed PublishDrive can convert your Word, InDesign, rtf or PDF file into epub for an extra, one-time fee. Each title is individually evaluated based on the complexity and length of the book. Thanks to our established relationships with conversion houses we have negotiated competitive rates for file creation. If you are interested we can send you a rate card with prices.
Our recommended order of an ebook is:
Cover Matter:
Cover Image
Front Matter:
Descriptive Blurb
Title Page
Table of Contents
Texts (Part, Chapters etc…)
Back Matter:
Chapter 1 of next book by same author
By the Same Author (with direct links)
About the Author

If  the publisher uses a bibliographic database that can produce ONIX, we are more than happy to accept that. However, the ONIX file needs to contain all necessary data for sale. Contact us via support@publishdrive.com if you have large number of data in ONIX, so we can make sure your data are ready for sale.

We accept all kind of content in PublishDrive, because we believe in the freedom of content. However, you have to know that we focus on quality, so we review the books both automated and manually, to make sure your ebook has no issues. In the manual review process we consider all major guidelines from ebook stores such as Amazon Kindle’s.

Your books and other content (such as book titles, cover art and product descriptions) must adhere to these content guidelines. We reserve the right to make judgments about whether content is appropriate and to choose not to offer it in some of the stores.

We don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts.

Offensive Content
What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.

Illegal and Infringing Content
We take violations of laws and proprietary rights very seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure that your content doesn’t violate laws or copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other rights.  Just because content is freely available does not mean you are free to copy and sell it.

Public Domain and Other Non-Exclusive Content
Some types of content, such as public domain content, may be free to use by anyone, or may be licensed for use by more than one party will not be published in all of the stores only if the provide unique content.

Poor Customer Experience
We don’t accept books that provide a poor customer experience. We reserve the right to determine whether content provides a poor customer experience. See the Guide to Kindle Content Quality for examples of content that’s typically disappointing to customers.

Adult content is typically suggested for readers above 18+ years containing any kind of erotic or violent scenes. In this sense, Fifty Shades of Grey is an adult content as well categorized as new adult/contemporary romance/erotica.

However, please make sure that your content still does not contain the following elements, because in this case it may happen that some stores will remove them from sales:

We don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts.

Offensive Content
What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.

Illegal and Infringing Content

We take violations of laws and proprietary rights very seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure that your content doesn’t violate laws or copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other rights. Just because content is freely available does not mean you are free to copy and sell it.

With PublishDrive we are happy to distribute all kind of languages. Our platform is available in English and Hungarian only, however any kind of language content can be distributed easily. You have to be aware of the fact that some stores have different kind of internal policy what kind of content they prefer. For instance, Amazon accepts content only in the supported languages listed on this web page, so if you have a content published in a language listed there, with PublishDrive we will not publish them on Amazon.

We support all kind of countries, but you have to understand that banking costs may differ based on your country of place. Please look at the ‘Financial’ block for more information.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier which is a global standard in the publishing industry. ISBN for ebooks is 13 digits and required for professional ebook distribution.

We strongly advise you to contact your local ISBN agency: https://www.isbn-international.org/agencies. ISBNs are not mandatory for ebook distribution.

In theory you should do so, however there is no common agreement amongst larger publishers. PublishDrive’s position is to use the same ISBN to ease your administrative burdens. The reason behind that is mobi files are only produced for Amazon Kindle which is a closed system. Amazon themselves do not use ISBNs, they have their own unique book identifiers. However, separate ISBNs must be used for multiple versions of enhanced or fixed layout ebooks that are being sent to different vendors or for ‘sample’ ebooks.

Ebook price includes VAT, so you can set the recommended retail price (RRP) in PublishDrive. In the European Union from 2015 applicable VAT rates are based on the country where the buyer is resident. So when a German reader buys a book pays 19% VAT, while a Hungarian one pays 27%. In regions like USA sales tax differs according to the state, but usually online retailers use 0% sales tax in the US.

Yes, in PublishDrive you can anytime update your metadata such as ebook price or description and will distribute revised metadata and epub files to retailers when you click on ’Save’ button.

The answer to this is in the metadata – the publisher has to state which territories ebooks can be sold in when they upload an ebook.

If another publisher is selling the same title in a territory which you have the rights for you should contact the publisher directly and ask them to withdraw the title from sale in that territory. However if a retailer is selling one of your titles in a territory where you do not have the rights you should notify us via e-mail and we will follow up with the retailer.

Yes, you can anytime withdraw a book from sales by clicking on ‘Books’ and column ‘Withdraw’ in PublishDrive. It usually happens when your copyright/license for the book is expired. In this case your ebooks will be automatically removed from sale from all ebook stores.

Book review

You have to upload a valid .epub and valid .jpg. Your copyright and metadata should be in place and your content should not contain any explicit content. If we find something wrong with your ebook, we will let you know in PublishDrive and your problematic book will be assigned to you for fixing the issue. If you are not able to fix the issue, please contact us at support@publishdrive.com and for a small fee we will be able to fix your ebook.
The International Digital Book Forum has established validation rules for epubs to ensure they adhere to industry-standard file requirements.  PublishDrive integrated ePub validation process, so when you upload an ebook to PublishDrive, epub validation automatically runs on the books and notices you about critical technical issues.
It is probably because your ebook file or cover file did not meet our requirements. You have to apply those actions which are mentioned in the error messages when you upload a book. If you are not able to fix the issue, please contact us at support@publishdrive.com and for a small fee we will fix your ebook.
It is probably because your metadata, ebook file and/or cover file did not meet our requirements. You have to apply those actions which are mentioned in the error messages when you upload a book. Your book will be assigned to you and will not be available for sale until you fix the issues in your content. If you are not able to fix the issue, please contact us at support@publishdrive.com and for a small fee we will fix your ebook.
Usually the error message will tell you what the problem is with your book, so you can easily fix it with your ebook editor program (Sigil for instance). After you fixed the issue, you have to upload your corrected file again. Our colleagues at PublishDrive will review your book again and if there is any issue with your ebook left, they will contact you. Otherwise, if there is no problem, your book will be published in all stores you chose.
Yes, if you may have any books where you are unable to fix the issues, please contact us at support@publishdrive.com and for a small fee we will fix your ebook.

Contracts and account

When you register at PublishDrive you have to accept terms and conditions after downloading and reading our contract. In addition, you can read your valid contract in PublishDrive as well under your Account info.
When you register at PublishDrive, in your ‘Account’ you are able to edit your details such as banking info, legal name etc. Please make sure that the information you provide is valid and current, because we use those information for billing and transferring your money. If you are not providing valid information on our site, all extra costs such as extra banking fees etc. will have to be covered by you, so please update them accordingly.
In your ‘Account’ you are able to add more publishers/imprints for your account and you are able to change even the distribution channels if required.

You can find this option in your ’Account’/’Imprints and stores’. Please click on the required stores. After saving you can see banned stores and enabled stores.

For most of the world we do not withold tax. PublishDrive is a company registered in the European Union, so your taxation depends on your current country and what the local tax requirement is for you receiving any income from the EU.

If you are outside of European Union we pay tax free and you need to pay tax according to the local tax law. In that case you need to check the local tax requirements.

If you are one of the member states of the European Union and you as a company have EU tax ID we pay out your earnings with 0% VAT and you need to pay tax after your income.

If you are a private person from one of the member states of the European Union, keep in mind after receiving income, you may need to pay tax locally.

PublishDrive offers a one year contract with publishers. The reason behind this term that publishing books requires time and effort from your side and our side as well and it returns its investment only if we look at our relationship as a partnership. So breaking this partnership before 1 year can make no sense in many aspects. However, we are very flexible regarding the channels where you distribute your books, we do not ask for exclusive partnership meaning that you can sell your ebooks in your own store as well, or you may decide to switch off one channel in PublishDrive.
We believe that you will like what PublishDrive does on a long term, however if you pull out your whole catalogue before one year without any explanation such as we broke the contract at one point, or any other viable reason such as you do not own the copyrights for your book or your legal entity has been terminated etc., you will be behaving against the contract and breaking its terms. We believe in a long term partnership with you and a two-sided communication, so please let us know if you face with any kind of problem, we will try to find a solution which is good for both of us.


You can see our distribution partners in PublishDrive. Otherwise, we are more than happy to send you the list of all 400 outlets via email to you, so you can take a look at them. Please contact us at support@publishdrive.com
No, according to our contract you sell ebooks non-exclusively with PublishDrive so you can sell your content throughout your website or through other channels as well.

We publish books to stores immediately when the book is being accepted by our book review team, but unfortunately book stores have their own internal book review processes which may result in longer period until the book is available for sale.

We have many stores in our partnership network who work on different terms, but none of them accept titles automatically, all of them review ebook titles, because copyrights and other quality issues have to be validated by them too. With our current operations we could speed up these review times, especially in case of Apple iTunes, where usually it takes maximum 2-3 business days to get an ebook published (in most cases it takes only a few hours, but we cannot guarantee that in all of the cases). In case of the other stores there are different timeframes how fast the book is being published based on their internal processes, but we can say that in case of Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Google it takes usually 5-7 business days. In case of other stores it may take 7-14 business days based on their internal processes.

In addition, in case of holiday season (Easter, Christmas), some of the stores work even slower, so public holidays and any other maintenance times may influence the speed of the ebook review process by the stores.

We suggest if you may have a book with a strict publication date, you should upload your book in 1 or 2 week advance. In this case your book will be automatically set for pre-sale in the stores where this function is available, so your readers can already buy your book, but they can read only after the official publication date set by you in PublishDrive.

If your book’s price is different like EUR or USD it will be converted to other currencies based on market exchange rates. We send these prices to the different stores but in some of the business models, such as wholesale pricing (see more about business models in our blog post) they have the right to modify it (most of them use price tiers and these tiers may vary for different currencies). This is why we call it “Suggested retail price”, and we can’t guarantee the exact match of final prices.
You can see the retailers where your book is already available for sale, however all other stores are listed where the book has been sent and it may be available.

Marketing and promotion

Book promotion is a competitive area and results may depend on many factors. But if you are trying out the followings, you may find what works the best for your authors and/or books:
  1. Use your metadata
    Metadata is the key in automated book promotion. Build your own keywords, chose the right category for your book to make sure, intelligent recommendation platforms will find your book and make relevant connections between other books to reach the readers you want. In PublishDrive you are able to save keywords, special target groups as well, so do not forget to use your metadata wisely!
  2. The power of bloggers
    Reach out to bloggers to write reviews about your book. Of course, it requires some previous research in the blogger world of the category your books are, however it is worth the effort, because they can give you unscalable, relevant and human-written reviews for your book. Use the influential factor they may have and build relationships with bloggers. The best is that with PublishDrive you can even cut your costs on reaching out bloggers by sending them protected review copies. Please contact us for further information at support@publishdrive.com
  3. Build your author page on Goodreads.com/Facebook/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram
    Readers love to communicate with their favourite writers on social media. Even though you are a publishing company, you have to cooperate with your author in terms of social media and if you are an author, you have to build it from scratch on your own. It seems to be a hard work, but you can see the difference: engaged readers may buy from you not just books, but any kind of merchandising materials later on.
  4. Register your book on Goodreads.com
    Goodreads is the social platform for ebooks. With Goodreads readers are able to find new books and get more engaged with their favourite authors/books. Do not miss your chance to get discovered by new readers!
  5. Collect reviews
    If you already have a fan base, you are already in contact with them. Encourage your readers with small contests to write reviews or spread the word from your book, so more people will know about the book and can make easier decision whether they would read it.
  6. Share your book on Twitter/Facebook
    Great job that you already have followers on social media platforms! Make sure that they know the news about you and your book, especially if your book is available in a new store. If they know it can be bought in more places, they will take a look at the options and will chose the best one for them based on their devices, country etc.
  7. Quote your book every day on different platforms
    Readers love short and easily understandable quotes from books what they can share with friends or family. Use the power of social media to get these short quotes to more people by simply posting or tweeting them. You can create funny/beautiful gifs or memes from them, so your fans can engage not just with your words, but with your creative material and pictures too.
  8. Build your own email list
    Email is the cheapest solution to market your books, however, you need information about your readers: their email addresses. You can collect their emails via various ways: 1) you build your own website where you let them sign up for email updates, 2) you organize contests where they have to give you their email address, 3) you generate a page into the book where you collect their email address with a simple web page link, 4) you build your own webstore, 5) you run paid campaigns on social media to collect their emails.
    If you already have an email base use one of the top emailing softwares such as MailChimp or Sendgrid to contact them with your own designed email newsletters where you can have different groups for your readers based on the behavior. You can provide your previous buyers coupons, you can organize webinars, online book releases via email. Even more, you can measure the effectiveness of your email marketing in the software itself with different statistics, so you will know if there is a rewording needed for your email.
  9. Let your readers ‘write’ your story
    This is more like a creative part of your marketing efforts. If you release a second or third part of a series, you may ask your readers during the creation and writing phase about their experiences and let them vision what could happen. You can either run a contest for the best resolution in a book or you can run a contest to write the best annotation for your book. Anything which makes them more involved in the book creation process could end up in terrific results, it may worth give a chance.
  10. Use paid online advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc.
    If you have a budget for advertising, use online advertising with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, but make sure to run experiments before you spend thousands of dollars for advertising. First you have to conduct a keyword research, then build your creatives and set your target market as precise as you can. In the beginning, you have to test and measure what works for your users, so start with 4-5 different ads at the same time with A/B testing and try to find out what works and what does not.
    Google Adwords helps you be found by your potential customers when they are searching for something you can offer. Facebook Ads is more suitable for showing your potential customers what you offer and encourage them to engage. You can run both marketing channels simultaniously, however managing too many channels at the same time can result in a lot of money and time spent ineffectively.
    For that the best way is to hire a professional, however they will charge for setting up and managing the account on top of the advertising costs.

PublishDrive has good relationship to all ebook stores, which means we are offering them ebooks on a monthly basis for featured positions or special marketing campaigns. Banners or featured positions cannot be bought, only relevant and quality content will be featured based on the suggestions of PublishDrive. Please understand that we cannot guarantee whether a book is featured in the stores, but we make all of our efforts to feature them in stores. So far 90% of our suggested books were featured.

PublishDrive has good relationship to all ebook stores, which means we are offering them ebooks on a monthly basis for featured positions or special marketing campaigns. Banners or featured positions cannot be bought, only relevant and quality content will be featured based on the suggestions of PublishDrive. Please understand that we cannot guarantee whether a book is featured in the stores, but we make all of our efforts to feature them in stores. So far 90% of our suggested books were featured.

Sales reports

PublishDrive compiles monthly sales reports on the 25th of the following month. It seems a bit late, however some of the retailers send the earnings only on 20th of the following month, so PublishDrive has no chance to compile reports earlier. In this case we provide you with the sales reports on 25th of the following month, we will bill you on the same day with the deadline of payment of the end of the following month. With an example: earnings for December will be available on 25th January and payment will be sent until the end of February according to our contract.
PublishDrive provides you back all data from retailers in a consolidated way, so you do not have to hassle with different Excel sheets. You can see in your monthly sales reports the following data: how many books from which titles you sold, how much you earned, which country you sold the ebook, which channel.
If you see a negative transaction it means, that some end-user decided to refund the ebook. It may happen that some of the end-users refund the ebook they bought – according to the law they have at least 14 days to do that.
You can see the main analytics for your books such as which were the bestselling titles, how much you earned historically and how many books you have sold.

Yes, you can see ’Live Statistics’ by some distributors (iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, etc.).

Financial and billing

PublishDrive pays out earnings in a 60 days period meaning that your November sales will be paid out until the end of January. You can find the deadline for payment on the bills in the Finance section. In addition, to make it easier for you, we include the ETA of payments in the Finance section to help you understand when to expect your money. Your earnings will be paid out via bank transfer, Paypal or Transferwise based on the country of origin to keep banking costs low.

With PublishDrive we pay out earnings via bank transfer, however we have different payment thresholds for the different payment methods according to the country of origin. We use SEPA, Transferwise and SWIFT for payments.

Countries in SEPA scheme will have a threshold of EUR 40 and will be paid out in EUR. All parts of a country are normally part of SEPA. However, the following countries have special territories which are not part of SEPA: Cyprus: Northern Cyprus is excluded. Denmark: the Faroe Islands and Greenland are excluded. France: the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna are excluded. Nevertheless the 3 last are part of SEPA COM Pacifique. Netherlands: Aruba, the Caribbean Netherlands, Curaçao and Saint Maarten are excluded. Norway: Svalbard is excluded. United Kingdom: The British Overseas Territories (except Gibraltar) and the Crown dependencies are excluded. Jurisdictions using the euro that are not included: Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Vatican City.

USA states will be paid out with a USD 100 threshold.

The following countries will be paid out by Transferwise with a EUR 200 threshold in their local currency: Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Morocco, Malaysia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey.

Any other countries will be paid using Paypal (without Transferwise or SEPA) and the threshold is EUR 300 where banking costs will be covered in 50%-50% between Publisher and PublishDrive. With Transferwise and SEPA PublishDrive covers all banking fees.

Publisher confirms that PublishDrive is eligible to bill Publisher according to law. (self-­billing) In this case Publisher exempt from any additional costs of billing (posting, tracking, fee of electronic billing etc.) and accepts that invoices are in EUR. PublishDrive bills Publisher according to the actual sales reports, which may be tracked through the Site of PublishDrive.

PublishDrive invoices in EUR based on the sales report and your current threshold limit.


Yes, according to our terms and conditions you will be the copyright holder and PublishDrive will own the distribution rights.

Publisher grants PublishDrive the non-exclusive and perpetual rights to make the ebooks Digital Products publicly available within the Sales Territory and to distribute and have them distributed to end customers.

Contact the owner of the site and notice about copyright infringements. Refer to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and provide a legal link where customers can purchase your ebook. You can find links of ebook stores where your books are available in PublishDrive.

Also PA’s Copyright Infringement Portal  is free to PA members or if you are a member of the IPG you can get a 60% discount. There are three main elements to the portal which offer users the ability to:

  • Detect infringements via CIPSearch, RSS Feeds or Find Infringements facilities or enter infringing URLs manually.
  • Verify the infringements, a manual process by the publisher or user.
  • Serve a notice to request the removal of the infringement.

More information can be found at www.copyrightinfringementportal.com

The best way to prevent illegal copies is to offer your content legally in as many stores as possible.

With PublishDrive we use DRM (digital rights management) for all ebooks. DRM prevents copying your content with a software which makes it readable only on your device. However, some ebook stores use watermarking technologies, so ebooks can be copied, but all of the data of the buyer will be stored.

Public domain

Works in the public domain are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable. As rights are country-based and vary, a work may be subject to rights in one country and be in the public domain in another. Some rights depend on registrations on a country-by-country basis, and the absence of registration in a particular country, if required, creates public domain status for a work in that country.
Read more about public domains here.

Yes, you can, although not all of our distributor partners will accept and make them available in their store. We recommend to publish unique content with exclusive copyrights.

Amazon policy about public domain books is:

“In order to provide a better customer buying experience, our policy is to not publish undifferentiated versions of public domain titles where a free version is available in our store. We consider works to be differentiated when one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • Translated – A unique translation
  • Annotated – Contains annotations (unique, hand-crafted additional content including study guides, literary critiques, detailed biographies, or detailed historical context)
  • Illustrated – Includes 10 or more unique illustrations relevant to the book”
Public domain books are widely spread on the internet without any unique content in the book itself what will result in multiple content. This multiple content is banned from Amazon for instance, so if you upload a public domain book to PublishDrive, your content is not considered to be unique, so your book will not be published on Amazon, only in the other stores.

In case of Amazon Kindle’s store public domains with only unique content are distributed. Here you can read more about Amazon’s requirements about public domains (see more details: https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A2OHLJURFVK57Q).


We found that 30% of our current customers invite others to use our platform. We want to give you back for all of your effort and encourage you to spread the word about PublishDrive. That is why we have launched PublishDrive’s affiliate program, where you can easily invite your friends to PublishDrive, meanwhile you earn money!

If you successfully invite publishers, you will earn 3% commission after all sales of first 6 months of publishers you have invited.

If you successfully invite publishers, you will earn 3% commission after all sales of first 6 months of publishers you have invited.
You register at PublishDrive (admin.publishdrive.com)

In PublishDrive you apply for “Affiliate”

At affiliate page – within PublishDrive – you can follow with your personalised link:

  • who made registration with your affiliate link, and when it happened
  • how many books “your” publishers have uploaded
  • how much you earned for each month

And finally:

  • We send your earnings to your bank account
To be an affiliate at PublishDrive you have to follow the following steps:

  • register at PublishDrive
  • you will receive your own affiliate registration link. Use this link to tell your friends about PublishDrive!
  • every publisher that use this link for registration will be counted as your acquirement
  • for every sale made by these publishers you will have 3% commission for 6 month

Help contact

If you may have any questions, please contact us at support@publishdrive.com and PublishDrive team will be able to help you out.
Our customer support is in English only. In order to make our communication smoother please send messages in English to us, so we can take care of your requests on a higher level.
PublishDrive’s operational team is available usually from 8 AM – 5 PM GMT time from Monday to Friday. Please write us at any time to support@publishdrive.com when you face with a problem, or you have a questions, we will do our best to answer to you in 48 business hours.
PublishDrive’s business team is available usually from 8 AM – 5 PM GMT time from Monday to Friday. Please write us at any time to support@publishdrive.com when you face with a problem, or you have a questions, we will do our best to answer to you in 48 business hours.