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Import your books straight from Pronoun

This was not an easy week for indie publishers and self-publishers: Pronoun has announced to shut down, effective immediately.

We have built an importer to help migrating your books from Pronoun.

We are sorry to see an innovative competitor go: competition drives the industry to provide better service and keep improving. However, we understand that authors are frustrated and worried. These are bad news, especially before Christmas: losing your reviews and rankings sounds awful just before the most important sales period. There is a lot of confusion: should you remove your books from sale already? Do you need a copyright statement to confirm your rights?

PublishDrive is here to make migrating your books easier. Our development team was busy this week working on an import tool for former Pronoun authors. You upload your ZIP file and we do the switch, keeping your reviews.

How are we making sure that it works?

We have done this before.

As we have always had new publishers signing up, keeping the reviews has always been a case of main interest. One of the biggest projects we have encountered was the case of Aurora Metro Books: the independent British publishing company came to us at the beginning of this year, looking for a new distributor. We have seamlessly moved their reviews to their new account, so they can continue to do their amazing job like nothing happened.

Were you a Pronoun user?

Simply export your books from Pronoun, sign up to PublishDrive and drag and drop your ZIP file.

Check our Help Center for a detailed guide.

We have approached our partner stores to see if there is a way to keep your reviews and rankings. Everything should be transferred normally at Amazon, OverDrive, and Barnes and Noble. Google will batch-transfer the reviews at the end of the switching period. Reviews will be lost for Kobo. For all other stores we are yet to receive an answer.

PublishDrive vs. Pronoun

We are different: we are independent and have a secure foundation. We believe our business model to work long-term.

We are better: we’re trusted partners of Apple and Google (currently participating in a launchpad program), we have a wide distribution networkand have better pricing at Google Play.

We are the same: we place authors first.

If you have any questions regarding migrating your books or our services, look around in the Help Center, talk to Csilla using our live chat or drop us an email.

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