Ingram Questions and Answers

Below are a few additional questions and answers about our recent integration with Ingram. Most of the details regarding the Ingram integration can be found on our Help Center, but we think the questions below will make things clearer. 

Is there a hardcover option for Ingram?
Not yet, but there will soon be available.

Can I order author copies through Ingram?
Not yet, but it will soon be available.

Can I send my books to physical stores through Ingram?
This option is not yet available through PublishDrive, but it will be in the future.

Is there a way to return purchased books through Ingram?
Currently, there isn’t but this might change in the future.

Can I distribute via Amazon POD and Ingram as well?
Amazon is included in our Ingram distribution network, but we always send the books to Amazon first, if the option is enabled in the distribution settings.

Ingram will not publish books there that are already available. This is also the case if the user already has a direct Amazon POD account where the book is published, Ingram will not duplicate your listing.

Do we need our ISBNs for IngramSpark publications?
Distribution to Ingram requires a valid ISBN. The ISBN should not have been submitted to:

  1. Ingram’s network (IngramSpark, Lightning Source)
  2. Amazon’s Expanded Distribution

When going through PublishDrive’s book upload process, the system will alert you with an error message if your ISBN is not eligible.

I know that IngramSpark takes 49$ to publish a title on their platform. With PublishDrive I need only 10$ /per year per title to publish?

Setting up a book title on PublishDrive for Ingram does not require any kind of fee. Your files get handled and converted for free.

However, there is an annual fee of $10 to send out your book to Ingram’s network.

The amount is:

  • Paid only for the titles you wish to distribute to Ingram’s network
  • Paid until the title is available for sale with Ingram’s network
  • Refunded if the distribution to Ingram’s network fails to occur for any reason 

There are some requirements to respect about interior formatting? 
Ingram has very specific requirements for printing PDF files. These constraints include PDF version types, color schemes, font embedding, CMYK limits, barcode formatting, and more. PublishDrive’s file processors handle these specifics to make sure you meet Ingram’s requirements. All you have to do is upload well-sized PDF files.

Can I publish all kinds of books like Coloring books, Low content books, Fiction, Erotica, or Non-fiction?

As for content, no content or low content books are not accepted. Fiction and Non-fiction can be published but public domain is not acceptable.

Also not acceptable:

  • PLR
  • Machine translation
  • Any mass-produced content
  • Content that is too similar to other popular works
  • The same book cannot be submitted in multiple sizes
  • No scanned books
  • No summaries or workbooks
  • All languages are accepted

Every PublishDrive plan we choose for IngramSpark publications have the same feature and benefits?
Yes, at this point there is no difference, all plans have the same benefits.

It’s possible to see the details of the contract/partnership you made with IngramSpark?
No, it is not public.

How long does it take before the book can go online on Ingram Network?
It takes up to 2 weeks to publish a book with Ingram’s stores, It takes up to 1 week to unpublish a book.

When will we receive POD Royalty payments from IngramSpark?  Will the payment be processed by IngramSpark or Publishdrive?
Sales data gets queried and updated every 2 hours, Royalty reporting happens every month with a 2-month delay (e.g. sales in January are consolidated in a royalty report by March). Payout happens every month.

How about the cover formatting? Can we upload the same IngramSpark Template?
Covers created with the IngramSpark template will work.

What are the advantages of going to Ingram through PublishDrive compared to direct distribution?
We tackle most print formatting requirements for you, ensuring your files are perfect for Ingram stores. Just to mention a few requirements: PDF versions, color schemes, font embedding, CMYK limit, barcode issues.

Another benefit would be the ability to manage all distribution in one account and see sales analytics in one place.

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