PublishDrive is your best Pronoun alternative

See all the benefits you’ll get when you bring your books to us, including more readers than any other service.

Why is PublishDrive your best Pronoun alternative?

PublishDrive believes in its authors, and partners with them to help them succeed. We’ll make your transition from Pronoun to PublishDrive free and easy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We are different than Pronoun: we are independent and have a secure foundation. We believe our business model will ensure authors have a long-term home.
  • Where we are better: we have the largest distribution network in the world we’re verified, trusted partners of Apple and Google. We participated in a training program with Google in order to better serve our authors.
  • Our customer service is made for authors. With PublishDrive, you’ll have an answer in just a few hours.
  • Your import from Pronoun to PublishDrive is free, and you won’t lose your rankings on any major services like Amazon.

Why we are better than going directly to Amazon/Kindle/Google

PublishDrive is a better option for Pronoun users because in one service, we distribute our authors’ works to 400 stores and 240,000 digital libraries – more than any other self-publishing service with focus on niche markets. We even get you to more readers than Amazon.

PublishDrive is made for authors. We offer the best author experience possible. We respect your role as an individual, author and entrepreneur.

While going directly to major services like Amazon seems simple, it can be overwhelming. It’s a lot of work, and they don’t partner with authors and offer the customer service in the personalized way we do. We can get you to more readers, in one stop.


Pronoun vs. PublishDrive

OriginAcquired by MacmillanIndependent
Business modelvariousRevenue share
RoyaltyNo royalty sharing10% cut
Retail outletsAmazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, OverDrive, BibliothecaAmazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, OverDrive & 400+ stores and 240k digital libraries
Google Playyes, 52% royaltyyes, 62% royalty
File formatsePub, docxePub
Ebook conversion feeFree (usable everywhere)Helping publishers convert their own ebooks
FeaturesRanking and sales report, category and keyword suggestion, conversion toolA friendly, easy-to-use dashboard and site, featuring: advanced technology and analysis, Amazon bestseller ranks, real-time sales data, multi-currency pricing, bulk import
Author pageLinking to each of Pronoun’s retailersComing soon!

Have further questions?

Our dedicated customer service team gets back to our authors by email in a few hours. Any questions you have about PublishDrive, the switch from Pronoun, or what it’s like to be a PublishDrive author, please email us now.

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