New Feature Available: Free ISBN

new feature available: free isbn

Are you planning to publish a print-on-demand book?

PublishDrive’s got you covered, from converting your print-on-demand book to getting a free ISBN and publishing your title worldwide.

In this post, we’ll review the new PublishDrive feature: free ISBN.

How to Get a Free ISBN

Follow the normal uploading process of your book to PublishDrive. Once you reach the part where you have to provide info regarding the book’s metadata, you’ll be asked if you want a free ISBN.

publishdrive free isbn

⚡The big advantage? ISBNs are free only in some countries but not in the U.S. We provide a U.S. ISBN, which otherwise would cost you at least $125.

Note: You can request an ISBN with any plan. Users with a Starter plan or a trial version will receive an ISBN for free, but they won’t be able to publish a physical book (they can only save it as a draft) since the plan doesn’t include the print format.

publishdrive pricing plan

If you already have an ISBN, you can add it during the uploading process:

free isbn publishdrive

You can also opt to include a copyright page with your ISBN.

free isbn copyright page

Note: Once you upload your book and opt for a free ISBN, your book will go under PublishDrive's review to see if everything is OK and ready for publishing. Once your book gets approved, you’ll also receive the ISBN.

Why Do You Need an ISBN?

An ISBN is a unique number that identifies a book and its format, edition, and publisher. It is used for ordering, cataloging, and selling books by retailers, libraries, and distributors. A book needs an ISBN if it is intended to be sold through these channels or if it is part of a series or collection of books. An ISBN also helps customers find the specific book version they want to buy.

If you are not planning to sell your book through retail or library channels, or if you are only selling it directly to your audience, you may not need an ISBN. However, having an ISBN can still benefit your book’s visibility and discoverability. 

An ISBN can also help you track your book’s sales and inventory.

Want to know more about ISBNs? Read our guide on the subject. 

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