Publish many books at once with PublishDrive

With our new bulk upload feature, you can publish many books at once. It means that you can upload your books not just manually one by one, but you can upload many books in once (without limitation) as well speeding up your administrative processes. Bulk upload is unique in the industry. It’s a quick and automatized method in order to publish all of your books to the largest stores and libraries in the shortest time possible. PublishDrive is the most intelligent ebook publishing platform made for you. Try it now!

Overview about our new feature

How can you publish many books?

First of all, log in to your PublishDrive account.

Choose ‘Books’.

And then ‘Bulk import’.

Read the instructions.

Download the template and open in Excel.

Check the ‘PD Import’. (You will write your book’s metadata here.)

Read the ‘Field for import’ sheet for more information.

Fill out the ‘PD import’ sheet with your books metadata.

Important Things to Know

When your excel is ready, you have to upload your epubs and cover files to PublishDrive’s sftp site.

For this step, you should download WinSCP or FileZilla.

Open WinSCP or Filezilla and connect to PublishDrive’s sftp site with Hostname, Port number, Username and Password.

Upload your files and close the program.

Now import the xls file to PublishDrive platform. Please provide what to do with titles after import:

Please be patient, until all the checks are finished – this can take long depending on the number of titles and size of the content files. If any error pops up follow the instruction and fix them.

Click on the “Import Books” button that appears at the bottom of the page after all checks are done. As a result, your books were sent to the reviewer.

Publish many books with PublishDrive!

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