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Publish your book on iBooks with us, an Apple Approved Aggregator

PublishDrive is approved by Apple iTunes for ebooks, iBooks – one of the very few companies featured on Apple’s site as a trusted partner.

And the only company who partners on a global level with Apple, Google and 400 localized e-shops worldwide as well with the support of publishers and authors from more than 30 countries.

Being a company trusted by Apple means that you as a publisher or author are in good hands if you signed up at PublishDrive, because you receive


    • Book review system which is above industry standard
    • Professional metadata management
    • Highest quality, fastest and simplest ebook distribution based on customer feedback
    • Consolidated and trustworthy sales reports
    • Merchandising opportunities

With PublishDrive you can focus on the most important job: creating beautiful content, meanwhile the rest of the operational work is handled by PublishDrive.

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