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Publish your book on iBooks with us, an Apple Approved Aggregator

PublishDrive is approved by Apple iTunes for ebooks, iBooks – one of the very few companies featured on Apple’s site as a trusted partner.

And the only company who partners on a global level with Apple, Google and 400 localized e-shops worldwide as well with the support of publishers and authors from more than 30 countries.

Being a company trusted by Apple means that you as a publisher or author are in good hands if you signed up at PublishDrive, because you receive


    • Book review system which is above industry standard
    • Professional metadata management
    • Highest quality, fastest and simplest ebook distribution based on customer feedback
    • Consolidated and trustworthy sales reports
    • Merchandising opportunities

With PublishDrive you can focus on the most important job: creating beautiful content, meanwhile the rest of the operational work is handled by PublishDrive.

Send review copies via iBooks

If you had to choose between two similar books, which one would you pick? Well, the one with better reviews. iBooks lets authors send out free review copies to their favorite bloggers, free of charge.

Run a price promotion on iBooks

Everybody loves a bargain! You can run temporary price promotions in Apple iBookstore.

Global ebook publishing with no upfront costs.Publish now!