Become a Self-Publishing Master in 7 days

In 7 easy but poweful lessons, we'll turn you from a novice to a master self-publisher!

Years of Insight Condensed Into 7 Lessons


We’ve collected the best tips and tricks from our team of experts, and have now turned them into a self-publishing masterclass.

For  7 days, we’ll send you a lesson right in your inbox, everyday.

Each lesson will be short & sweet and will take no more than 5 minutes.

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Here's What You'll Learn:


Lesson 1:

What is self-publishing?

Short but vital introduction into the world of self-publication.

Lesson 2:

The self-publishing journey

A realistic roadmap into the self-publication journey. 

Lesson 3:

How much does it cost to self-publish?

A look into costs depending on your goals, genre and market.


Lesson 4:

Important things to do before publishing

Get your checklist ready. You'll want to be have these in order before you start self-publishing. 

Lesson 5:

Which self-publishing route to take

Every writer's story is different (pun intended). We help you understand which road suits you best.

Lesson 6

How to increase your sales?

Knowing how to write and sell are two different beasts. This lesson will help you tame the latter. 


Lesson 7:

How your #1 fan PublishDrive, helps!

We saved the best for last of course.


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After The Course You'll Be Able To:


1. Know the timeframe and budget ranges needed for a successful self-publishing journey

2. Identify which self-publishing route suits your needs and goals the best

3. Know what amateur self-publishing pitfalls to avoid

4. Have a good understanding of what is needed to succeed in each international market 

5. Know how to get ahead when publishing in different stores

6. Develop a bulletproof plan on how to increase book sales incrementally!

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