Boost Findability With Publishdrive’s Publishing Assistant Metadata Generator

You’ve heard it multiple times by now: AI is here to stay, and we can use it to optimize processes in every industry, including publishing.

That’s why PublishDrive started working on a tool to help authors and publishers take care of the technical parts of book publishing. Because the tool doesn’t replace but enhances the publishing process, we named it Publishing Assistant.

PublishDrive’s AI Publishing Assistant is the umbrella tool that will encompass several functions. The first in the series, which we’re thrilled to announce, is an AI-Powered Book Metadata Generator.

What Is the AI Metadata Generator?

The AI Metadata Generator is a one-stop solution for getting optimized metadata recommendations that help your book get discovered faster. By generating all the essential metadata components, such as Amazon categories, BISAC categories, keywords, and blurbs, your book can boost its visibility and get in front of the right audience.

The Publishing Assistant is an independent tool, so you can use it even if you don’t distribute your books with us. It works with credits, letting you top up as needed. 

To help you get started, you’ll receive 60 free credits, enough to upload one book and get valuable metadata recommendations.

Let AI Handle the Tech Stuff: You Focus on the Story

Our AI Metadata Generator is here for those who find it challenging to craft this essential part of book publishing. Or can use a second opinion (an assistant).

Why writing book metadata can be challenging?

  • Emotional attachment: Authors' deep connection to their work can make it difficult to prioritize commercially viable metadata choices over personal preference.
  • Industry knowledge: Effective metadata requires knowledge of keywords, BISAC categories, and Amazon categories. Many authors would rather focus on their creative writing than these technical aspects.
  • Time and effort: Researching the best categories and keywords is time-consuming, especially as trends and classifications evolve (e.g., Amazon categories).

What Does the AI Metadata Generator Create?

PublishDrive’s AI Metadata Generator gives suggestions for:

  • Blurb
  • Amazon categories
  • BISAC categories
  • Thema categories
  • Keywords
  • Title and subtitle
  • Series name
  • Pen name
  • Price

How to Use PublishDrive's AI Metadata Generator

Here's how to create marketing-friendly metadata in just a few steps:

  1. Access the Publishing Assistant: See the option to access the tool when first logging in. Or, from your PublishDrive dashboard, go to Apps > Publishing Assistant.
  2. Upload your manuscript: Upload your manuscript in epub, docx, or pdf format. The AI engine will analyze your book's content.
  3. Get recommendations: See a list of suggestions for title, subtitle, series name, pen name, blurb, Amazon categories, BISAC categories, keywords, and pricing.
  4. Refine and export: Review the recommendations, select the ones you prefer, trim the ones that don’t fit, and export the final results as a pdf file or go straight to publishing your book within PublishDrive.

Keep Your Books in the Loop

Help your books stay visible to readers and relevant to store algorithms.

PublishDrive's Publishing Assistant harnesses the power of AI to provide personalized recommendations for optimizing your book's metadata. From pinpointing the perfect keywords and Amazon categories to crafting blurbs and BISAC category suggestions, our AI keeps your books in the loop.