Inspiring PublishDrive Success Stories

Marc Reklau PublishDrive Success Story

Marc Reklau is the author of the international #1 bestselling and award-winning book “30 Days – Change your habits, change your life,” which has been translated into nine languages, has over 300 five-star reviews on Amazon, and over 170,000 readers. 

He is a dedicated author, speaker, and corporate trainer who helps people and organizations to transform and achieve greater success using the power of habit.

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How Lauren Smith Makes 1/4th of Her Income With PublishDrive

Lauren Smith worked as an attorney when she released her first romance novel with a small publisher in 2014. She then shifted to self-publishing tactics in order to reach a larger audience.

Lauren describes her initial jump into being a full-time writer as one of necessity after experiencing foreclosures in her previous industry. As finding work as an attorney became difficult, she thought, “Well, this is the universe telling me to take the next step and go full-blown into writing.”

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How Book Series Can Increase Royalties and Reader Engagement with Lauren Smith


Book series offer authors a powerful way to increase sales, build reader loyalty, and simplify marketing.

USA Today bestselling author Lauren Smith weaves captivating romance novels that keep readers coming back for more. Her works are a testament to the power of series storytelling. 

In this interview, Lauren dives into the many benefits of writing a book series.

Learn valuable tips for aspiring authors considering the series format from a bestselling author herself.

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How Quinn Loftis Runs Her Best Business With PublishDrive

Quinn Loftis never thought she’d be a writer. Instead, she worked as a nurse for seven years before self-publishing her first book in 2011. With now 36 novels under her belt, Quinn is a multi-award-winning author who primarily writes paranormal romance for her dedicated readers ranging from young adults to mothers and beyond.

Quinn writes full-time as she works side by side with her partner, Bo Loftis, raising three kids and a couple of furry animals.

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How PD Abacus, the Ultimate Royalty-Splitting Solution, Saves
Hours of Time for Co-Authors and Publishing Teams

A Case Study Featuring Michael Anderle and Other Bestselling Authors.

PublishDrive, a global self-publishing platform, has developed the ultimate royalty-splitting solution PD Abacus.

This service makes it easy to calculate
co-author royalties, keep track of team costs, distribute royalty reports to contributors, and more. 

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How Publisher J-Novel Club Maximizes Monthly Revenue & Saves Valuable Time With PublishDrive

J-Novel Club is a digital publishing company that licenses, translates, and publishes Japanese content, such as manga and light novels, into English. They release around 20 volumes a month, distributing both ebooks and print copies. With membership access, readers get the latest digital releases around the globe.

The team coordinates translations to layout formatting with over 100 freelancers. With sales coming from many stores and countries, financial reporting is a multiplied event. There’s a lot to take care of at J-Novel Club.

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How Book Series Can Increase Royalties and Reader Engagement with Charlotte E. English

There's a special kind of magic in writing a series. It's not just about telling one story, it's about creating a whole world that readers can get lost in.

This connection between author and reader is a beautiful thing, and it can be a real boon for your writing career.

Take Charlotte E. English, for example. Her captivating fantasy series has readers hooked, constantly wanting more. 

In this interview, Charlotte shares her insights on how crafting a series can grow a devoted fanbase, increase royalties, and simplify marketing strategies.

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