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Maximize ebook earnings and keep more royalties

PublishDrive’s ebook publishing platform and distribution services are a complete toolkit for any indie author or publishing company.

Self-publishing ebooks

Self-publish your ebooks and reach 2.5 billion potential readers through apps and publishers like Google Play Books, Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

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Use exclusive PublishDrive Promotional Tools. Get your book featured in stores or in newsletters, run automated price promotions, send free DRM protected review copies, and a ton more.

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Our ebook self-publishing platform lets you sell your ebooks and increase your take-home royalties by at least 27%. Keep 100% of your royalties. We only ask for a flat monthly fee.

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Work with more than one ebook publisher and extend your reach worldwide. Get your ebook published in over 400 online stores and 240K digital libraries, including hard to reach markets like China.

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Handle all your ebook self-publishing needs like distribution, marketing, and sales using one platform. View reports and track your ebook sales all on one dashboard.

Publisher tools

Generate financial reports. Upload or update your books’ metadata in bulk with just one file. Handle more books by streamlining your business processes with PublishDrive’s API system. 

Everything you need under one ebook self-publishing platform

Self-publishing an ebook on PublishDrive is simple. With just a click of a button, you can reach more than 400 online stores and 240K+ digital libraries. Get access to more sale channels worldwide through our ebook distribution platform.

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How to self-publish an ebook with PublishDrive?


1️⃣ The right ebook format

The first step requires making sure your content is in the accepted ebook format. EPUB is the standard ebook format accepted by stores (MOBI is the specific format that Amazon uses). To distribute through PublishDrive, you’ll need an EPUB.

2️⃣ Upload your ebook and cover

Head over to PublishDrive Distribution on your dashboard. Go through the book upload process by uploading your ebook and cover files. We’ll help you every step of the way.

3️⃣ Fill out your ebook metadata

After uploading your files, provide your ebook’s metadata. Metadata is information that describes your book and makes it discoverable in stores. Metadata includes: title, subtitle and author (make sure they match what’s on your cover), rights, book description, price, and keywords.

4️⃣ Set your distribution settings

After filling in your metadata, set your ebook distribution settings. This allows you to choose which stores you want PublishDrive to send your ebook to. We can send your book to 400+ online stores and 240K+ digital libraries, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, and much more.

Convert DOCX to EPUB and MOBI with professional assistance

We are here to help you with every step of the ebook self-publishing process. Convert your documents with our professional conversion tool for commercial purposes. It takes a simple upload of your DOCX file to convert it to EPUB or MOBI. 

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