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Publishers and authors can get into ebook publishing and expand their reach globally across multiple digital platforms using PublishDrive's seamless distribution.

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Ebook Promotion Service

Every title needs to be promoted to get attention from readers.

Besides ebook publishing services, PublishDrive offers built-in promotional tools to increase your books’ visibility.

Get your books featured in stores or newsletters, run automated price promotions, send free DRM-protected review copies, and more.

A Transparent View of Your Potential Earnings

In an industry where everyone takes a piece of your sales, do you really want to give up another 10% of royalties? Instead of a percentage-based approach used by most platforms, PublishDrive uses a flat-fee model, taking zero commissions and giving you 100% of the net royalties you make. Calculate just how much you can earn.

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Publisher Tools

PublishDrive handles ebook publishing and so much more. The platform also has tools for publishers seeking streamlined operations, such as title management, bulk catalog import, bulk metadata import or update, royalty management, and detailed financial reports. 

Based on easy-to-read financial reports, PublishDrive ensures accurate royalty tracking, enabling publishers to focus on growth. Whether handling vast inventories or fewer titles, PublishDrive's user-friendly interface caters to diverse publishing needs, inviting seamless scalability and efficient management for publishers of any size.


Reach Global Markets

Self-publishing an ebook is about the freedom to distribute it wherever you want to reach global markets. Work with more than one ebook publisher and get your ebook published in over 400 online stores and 240K digital libraries, including hard-to-reach markets like China.

By leveraging these multiple publishing channels, authors and publishers can ensure their work reaches a global audience, enhancing discoverability and potential sales while breaking into markets that might otherwise be challenging to access independently.

Keep More Royalties

PublishDrive is an aggregator that works based on a flat-fee subscription model. We don't take commissions from your book royalties. Self-publish ebooks, reach major retailers and boost your take-home royalties. 

The flat-fee structure offers predictability and stability in costs, making it easier for authors & publishers to budget and plan for their distribution expenses, especially when reaching out to a global audience. 


Publish Your Ebooks and Maximize Your Earnings

PublishDrive’s ebook self-publishing platform and distribution services are a complete toolkit for any indie author or publishing company. Self-publish your ebooks and reach 2.5 billion potential readers through apps and publishers like Google Play Books, Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Everything in one place

Handle all your ebook self-publishing needs like distribution, marketing, and sales using one platform. View reports and track your ebook sales all on one dashboard.

Multi-format distribution

PublishDrive’s self-publishing platform helps you with multi-format distribution. Use your ebook to tap into multi-format publishing by turning it into an audiobook or print book.

Free ebook converter

Convert DOCX to EPUB with professional assistance for free. Convert your documents with our professional conversion tool for commercial purposes.

All rights to yourself

With PublishDrive's self-publishing platform, authors keep complete ownership and rights over their work. Design, craft, and set the price for your ebook as you wish.

Turn Your Ebook into a Print Book Using Our Print-on-Demand Converter

Self-publishing an ebook is even more profitable than you think. PublishDrive’s print-on-demand converter lets you turn your ebook into a print book. All you need is your manuscript saved as docx or PDF; we’ll do the rest. With PublishDrive, accessing multiple-format distribution is easy.

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Turn Your Ebook into an Audiobook 

Want to enter the audiobook market and access an audience that prefers to listen to their books? Self-publish ebooks with PublishDrive, then use the integrated feature from Apple Digital Narration and turn your ebook into an audiobook.

By repurposing your written content into an auditory experience, you cater to an audience seeking convenience and immersion through spoken narratives.

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How to Publish an Ebook with PublishDrive?

See how to self-publish and reach international audiences.

Upload your ebook and cover

Head over to PublishDrive Distribution on your dashboard. Go through the book upload process by uploading your ebook and cover files. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Fill out your ebook metadata

After uploading your files, provide your ebook’s metadata. Ensure the metadata is informative enough since this makes your book discoverable in stores. 

Choose your distribution channels

Select which stores you want PublishDrive to send your ebook to. We can send your book to 400+ online stores and 240K+ digital libraries.

Publishing an Ebook Has Never Been Easier

PublishDrive offers a comprehensive suite for ebook authors and publishers. Beyond publishing services, it provides promotional tools, maximizes royalties with a flat-fee model, and ensures global distribution. Simply upload, fill metadata, choose distribution channels, and reach 400+ stores and 240K+ libraries worldwide.

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