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PublishDrive is a simple yet powerful book distribution service for self-published authors and publishers. We're a global book distribution platform that helps you publish print books, ebooks, and audiobooks worldwide.

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Book distribution for self-publishers and publishing companies

Digital book distribution made easy. From ebook publishing and distribution to audiobook and print-on-demand services.

Print book distribution

Offer your book in physical stores through our print and distribution services, without the hassle of printing thousands of copies or managing logistics. 

Ebook distribution

Tap into 2.5 billion potential ebook readers. Our ebook distribution service helps authors publish ebooks  to stores like Google Play, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Audiobook distribution

Easily manage and distribute audiobooks through all major distribution channels. Publish your audiobook to Audible, Google Play, Rakuten Kobo, and many more.

Print book, audiobook, and ebook distribution with just one self-publishing service.

All your publishing and marketing tools under one book distribution software.

How does book distribution work?

The book distribution process with PublishDrive is simple. You start by uploading and syncing all of your books across multiple stores. After signing up, you don't have to move your books around as book printing and distribution services are completely managed through our platform. 

We go beyond the United States and connect you with readers across 100 countries through a global book distribution network of publisher stores.

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Want to learn about how to distribute a book worldwide?

PublishDrive has a global reach as we work with distributors all around the world.

Our book distribution network includes major retailers like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Barnes & Noble. We also connect you to niche channels like Dreame, Scribd, and OverDrive, plus hard-to-reach markets like China.


Commission-free print-on-demand, audiobook, and ebook distribution services to 20+ channels, 400+ stores, and thousands of digital libraries worldwide.


FAQ about digital book distribution

I am working with other distributors. Can I bring the same books to you?

Yes, PublishDrive does not ask for exclusivity.

Maximize your earnings by keeping 100% of your royalties. Enjoy real-time sales analytics and promotion options. We also suggest selling to as many channels as possible through PublishDrive. To do that, you'd first have to deactivate your titles on other conflicting sites.

Read more about our book promotion services.

I'd like to distribute print, ebook, and audiobook as well. Can I do that with PublishDrive and how much does it cost?

Whether you're looking for something specific like an audiobook distributor, or want to go wide with print and ebook formats, we can help. In fact, with any combination of them! Just select a plan that includes the right amount of titles and you are ready to go. Do note that each format (even for the same book) counts as a separate title.

I have more than 50 titles. How can I work with you?

We work with many publishers (from the indie world, but even from the trade or academic world) who have hundreds to thousands of titles.

Our digital book distribution services include an enterprise offer as well. We have custom plans for publishers that need to publish over 50 titles. Learn more about our enterprise distribution solution.

What promotion opportunities are included in the higher plans?

Promotion options at higher plans include tools for getting featured with stores like Amazon, running price promotions, sending review copies, and more.

PublishDrive is not only an ebook distribution platform. We allow promotions for all formats. Read more about promotions and book marketing services.

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