Print-on-Demand Book Services

On-demand publishing services offer self-published authors and publishing companies a simple and affordable way to print books on demand and sell them worldwide with no minimum limit.

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Global print-on-demand book publishing and distribution through our trusted partners. Get listed in over 40K retail stores and only print books when you make a sale.

Reach More Readers with Print-on-Demand Publishing

Print-on-demand (POD) publishing is the most cost-effective method for self-published authors to print and distribute books with no minimum limit. Print-on-demand books are a game-changer for indie authors or small to medium-sized publishers unable to finance large-scale printing beforehand.

Or, you can use the POD technology to cut book printing costs and optimize workflows by printing books as needed, eliminating hefty upfront costs and the challenge of surplus printed copies.

A Global Publishing and Distribution Platform for Printed Books Packed with All the Right Features

Keep the investment to a minimum, and maximize your exposure by accessing print-on-demand book services through PublishDrive. Print-on-demand enables the efficient single-book printing process, allowing the production of individual copies as needed and reducing excess inventory.

On-demand publishing

Print a book only when you make a sale. Self-published book printing works perfect for indie authors. On-demand book printing is highly profitable for small to medium-sized publishers, too.

Print-on-demand publishers

Make your books available in thousands of physical stores by submitting them to our print-on-demand publishers. Books on demand simplify the logistics and cut costs.

Global reach

Grow your visibility to a global audience where the demand for digital and printed books is at its highest. Print your book only when you make a sale, and pay the minimum printing cost.

Financial reports

Handle all self-publishing matters like distribution, marketing, & sales in one dashboard. Manage all your print-on-demand books.

Print-on-Demand Converter

The Print-on-Demand (POD) Converter enhances the efficiency of authors and publishers in managing book inventory. The process involves uploading book files—PDF, docx, or epub—selecting manufacturing details like trim size and cover laminate and ensuring specific formatting requirements. The POD Converter also facilitates cover creation by guiding users through every step. 

You can print your book on-demand once you have your print files ready.

Print-on-Demand Template Cover Generator

The POD Print Cover Template Generator simplifies the creation of print-on-demand covers. By entering details like book size, binding type, colors, and page count, the generator creates an illustration of the cover with spine width variations, offering a downloadable template. Once the cover and interior formatting are complete, users can upload these files on PublishDrive for distribution, enabling global availability of print-on-demand paperbacks to readers and libraries.

Cost of Printing a Book on Demand 

With POD books, you don’t have to wonder where to print a book. You can use the on-demand book printing to simplify the process and cut costs.

The costs depend on the length of your book. 

Retailers have a minimum price to cover the costs of printing your book and the fees for selling it. Your profit margins are affected by how long your book is and its color type. When your book is sold through a retailer, you only need to cover the printing costs and the portion the retailer takes from the sale; there are no additional shipping costs for authors or publishers.

If you want copies of your book for things like sending them out for reviews or fulfilling orders directly from your readers, you can order author copies. But in this case, you'll have to handle the shipping and taxation costs yourself.

The Simple Way to Maximize Earnings

In an industry where everyone takes a piece of your sales, do you really want to give up another 10% of royalties? Instead of a percentage-based approach used by most platforms, PublishDrive uses a flat-fee model, taking zero commissions and giving you 100% of the net royalties you make. Calculate just how much you can earn.

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How to Publish Print-on-Demand Books with PublishDrive

Self-publishing and book printing can go hand in hand. It’s also easy for small to mid-size publishing companies who choose to print books on demand.

Upload your book files

Head over to My Books on your dashboard. Go through the book upload process by uploading your print-on-demand files. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Fill out your book metadata

After uploading your files, provide your book’s metadata. This is an essential step to ensure your book is discoverable in stores, so make the metadata informative.

Choose your distribution channels

Select your preferred print-on-demand companies. Ingram has the widest distribution network, but we also cover hard-to-reach markets like China.

Print-on-Demand Books for Authors & Publishers

Print-on-demand book services offer a seamless and cost-effective method for authors and publishers to print and distribute books worldwide without worrying about minimum limits. Through PublishDrive’s comprehensive POD tools and services, authors & publishers can manage their book inventory with ease.

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