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Global print on demand book distribution trough our trusted partners. Get listed in over 40K retail stores.

Reach more readers by selling printed books on demand.

Print-on-demand (POD) is the most affordable approach for self-published authors to print and sell their books. Print on demand books are a game-changer for indie authors or small to medium-sized publishers that can't afford to print a ton of books in advance.

Save money and simplify your logistics by printing a single book whenever you need it. No more unreasonable upfront costs, or printing more books than necessary. 

A global distribution platform for printed books packed with all the right features.

Keep the investment to a minimum, and maximize your exposure by accessing book printing services through PublishDrive.


Get a book printed only when you make a sale. Self-published book printing works perfect for indie authors or small to medium-sized publishers.

Print book distribution

Offer your book in physical stores through our print and distribution services, without the hassle of printing thousands of copies or managing logistics. 

Publish globally 

Extend your reach and grow your visibility to a global audience where the demand for digital and printed books is at its highest.

40k stores for print & digital libraries

Easily sell your ebook, audiobook, or print formats in over 400 bookstores and 240K libraries – self-publish and book printing under one platform.

Book marketing services

Get access to exclusive marketing services and perks. Run on demand publishing specific promotions, send free review copies, run ads, and much more.

Generate financial reports

Handle all self-publishing matters like distribution, marketing, & sales in one dashboard. Manage all your print on demand books.

Cost of printing a book 

How much does print-on-demand cost?

The POD business for indies is highly influenced by the length of the book.  Retailers set a minimum price to cover printing costs and distributor fees.

Profit margins differ based on the number of pages and color types you chose. When you sell through a retail channel, only the printing costs and retailer’s margin arise. There is no shipping cost calculated for authors and publishers.

You can also order author copies to send print review copies or fulfill orders for your direct contacts. If you order author copies or you’d like to send print books via direct distribution services, you’ll have to take care of the shipping and taxation costs.

In order to publishing your print-on-demand book with PublishDrive you need to:
  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Prepare your book cover and print-ready content files
  3. Upload your PDF file to PublishDrive
  4. Add trim size: Select from 28 options, most popular are: 5x8, or 6x9 inches
  5. Choose your books color option: Black&white, or color books
  6. Choose paper type, cover lamination, and binding
  7. Select your desired stores like Amazon or Chinese partners
  8. Click on the publish button and you are done!

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