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In-store book promotion services for authors and publishers

Our promotion options make advertising your self-published book easy to do.

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Take advantage of one of the most powerful sales strategies. Easily set up and run price promotions for your books.

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Distribute free review copies to Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, and many more. Send ebooks straight to reader devices.


We help you get featured with thousands of our store partners. Get your book featured on book promotion sites, newsletters, and more.

Boost sales by promoting your self-published books to a global audience

We've got book marketing services for Amazon, Google Books, and beyond. 

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Get access to the best book marketing services for indie authors and publishing companies.

We've partnered with major book publishers to help you market your self-published books easily and powerfully. Get a suite of promotional perks on one platform.

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Advertise your book on Amazon with PublishDrive

Run Amazon book promotions directly from our platform. The tool is available for anyone who wants to advertise a book on Amazon either with a PublishDrive or KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) publisher account.

Track and manage your Amazon ad campaigns for ebook, audiobook, and print books with the niftiest tool.

Run price promotions

Add price promotions to your book marketing strategy. Schedule discounted or free sales campaigns with retailers and book promotion companies like Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play Books.

You can also group your promotions into campaigns, ensuring smoother management and measurement of your efforts.

Offer free review copies to friends and influencers

Use our free review copy tool to easily send your self-published book for reader reviews. Ship DRM-protected copies of your book straight to reader devices with major stores like Apple Books - iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play Books.

Get your book featured in retail stores and newsletters

PublishDrive can recommend your book to retailers, book promotion platforms, and editorial teams. Get featured in special categories or curated lists like New Releases, SF Picks, or Editor’s Choice.

Promote your book

PublishDrive’s ebook promotion services are proven to work

Along with publishing and distribution support, our book promotion services help you reach a wider audience. Find the best places to promote your ebook, audiobook, or print book. Manage everything on one platform.

Sign up with PublishDrive and start publishing and promoting with tactics that work (our indies made 85% more sales in 2020). We’re ready to help you every step of the way!

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Track your advertising performance using our reports.


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Our indies made 85% more book sales in 2020 (despite the pandemic).

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