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Give your books the attention they deserve. Use the built-in book promotion services from PublishDrive and increase your reach globally.

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In-Store Book Promotion Services for Authors and Publishers

With all the book promotion tools and features from PublishDrive, you don’t need to pay other book promotion companies. Authors and publishers can access book promotion websites and much more straight from our platform.

Amazon advertising

Generate more sales by displaying your book to shoppers actively searching for or viewing products on Amazon.

Price promotions

Take advantage of one of the most powerful sales strategies. Set up and run price promotions for your books.

Review copies

Distribute free review copies to Apple Books and Google Play Books. Send ebooks straight to reader devices.

Sales events

Apply for sales promotions and seasonal discounts from different stores straight from our platform.


Drive book sales by getting featured on book promotion sites from Written Word Media with thousands of readers.

Featuring in newsletters 

Submit your book to be featured in one of the newsletters from our partners and get noticed much faster.

Store-specific featuring 

Our partnerships with popular stores offer users monthly book featuring opportunities and exclusive marketing campaigns.

Boost Sales by Promoting Your Self-Published Books to a Global Audience

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Authors and publishing companies who distribute their books with PublishDrive can access book promotion services from our platform. 

Some of our authors accessed the available book promotions in 2023 to market their self-published books, and we’ve gathered the sales numbers to share with all those who are interested in trying book promotion services.

Two authors agreed to share all the campaign details. 

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Book Promotions Available on PublishDrive

Access ebook marketing services or make your audiobooks or print-on-demand books shine on different platforms. Author book promotion is easy when you have all the tools at hand.

Amazon advertising

Amazon is one of the best book advertising sites you could use to increase your discoverability. You can run Amazon ads directly from our platform. The tool works for PublishDrive users and those who want to access Kindle book promotions outside of our platform and don’t have a PublishDrive account.

With our built-in tool for Amazon ads, you can track and manage your Amazon ad campaigns for ebooks, audiobooks, and print books.

Price promotions

Price promotions are among the best book promotion services. Schedule discounted or free sales campaigns with retailers like Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play Books.

You can also group your promotions into campaigns, making them easier to manage.


Review copies

If you plan on ebook promotions, you need reviews first. People will buy with more confidence a book that has a handful of reviews. With PublishDrive, you can send review copies to your friends or influencers directly from Apple Books or Google Play Books. These are protected copies, so only the reviewers can read them.

Sales events

The stores from our distribution list are perfect book promoters. They have in-store sales events, so you can participate in sales promotions and other seasonal discounts.

Check out the upcoming events on our platform and get ready to add book promotions to your list of ebook promotion services.


Partnership with Written Word Media

Written Word Media is an excellent book promoter. PublishDrive can recommend your titles to get featured on one of their sites, depending on your book – in this way, they work as free promotion sites.

You can also apply by yourself to get your book featured on their book promotion sites

Book featuring 

Readers love to get curated lists to help them decide what to read next. PublishDrive recommends titles to retailers and book promotional platforms.

Your books can get featured in categories or topic areas from our retailers that work as perfect book marketing sites.

Your titles can also get featured in popular newsletters straight into readers’ inboxes, and in this way, you get an ideal free book promotion.


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