Brave New Bookshelf Episode 7 – Exploring AI in Book Cover Design with Stuart Bache

Join hosts Steph Pajonas and Danica Favorite as they chat with Stuart Bache, a veteran book cover designer, about the revolutionary role of AI in publishing.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Stuart has worked with major publishers and iconic authors like Stephen King and John le Carré. Now freelancing and serving as the Art Director at Vinci Books, Stuart leverages AI to streamline his design process and enhance his work.

In this episode, Stuart discusses how AI tools like Photoshop’s Generative Fill and ChatGPT have become essential in his workflow, speeding up tasks and improving quality. He also highlights AI's potential for inclusivity, sharing a touching story about using AI to create detailed descriptions of book covers for a blind author.

Stuart emphasizes the balance between AI advancements and human creativity, underscoring the need for ethical considerations and the irreplaceable value of the human touch in artistic endeavors.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation on the future of AI in publishing.

Tune in to learn how AI is transforming the industry and empowering creatives.

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