Brave New Bookshelf: Episode 8 – Realm Chef’s Impact on Book Marketing with Ruth Anne Nelson

This episode of Brave New Bookshelf dives into the amazing world of Realm Chef with Ruth Anne Nelson. Ruth Anne, an author herself, works with Realm Chef, an AI tool designed to be a writer's best friend.

Realm Chef whips up a complete Story Bible in minutes, which includes:

  • Chapter summaries
  • Timeline events
  • Synopses
  • Character and location profiles
  • Loglines
  • Back cover blurbs
  • Trope breakdowns

It’s perfect for keeping your world cohesive and it also saves you tons of time for writing.

It can help with the marketing side of things, a struggle for many writers. Need catchy ad copy or social media strategies – Realm Chef's got your back.

Note: Realm Chef is constantly growing. They actively seek feedback from authors and host workshops to show how the tool can become your writing partner.

The episode also chats about the future of AI in publishing. Ruth Anne is excited about how AI can break down barriers and make publishing more accessible for everyone. This means more stories get told, which is pretty awesome, right? Even though AI is a powerful tool, Ruth Anne stresses the importance of finding your own creative flow.

Tune in and listen to the entire episode:

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