Maximize global book sales

Reach wider audiences and earn more revenue by simplifying day-to-day tasks. Eliminate the stress of manually submitting your book titles and managing multiple stores using just one enterprise solution for publishers.


Organize, manage and scale your book distribution process.

Publishdrive empowers publishers to prosper in operations with both digital and print assets.

Bulk import

Save your time and headaches by uploading or updating your books’ metadata in bulk with just one file: Excel, stfp, or API.

Publish globally 

Extend your reach and grow your visibility to a global audience where the demand for digital books is at its highest.

API integration

PublishDrive’s API system can improve your connectivity and provides a seamless way to automate your business processes.

400 Stores & 240K Libraries

Easily sell your ebook, audiobook, or print formats in over 400 bookstores and 240K libraries – one platform is all you need.

Simplified store submission

Say goodbye to manually uploading your books per store. PublishDrive automates this process, everything from BISAC to metadata

Generate financial reports

Track sales in real-time, see visual charts, generate financial reports, and never miss a payment with our sales analytics dashboard.

Book marketing services

Get access to exclusive marketing services and perks. Run price promotions, send free review copies, run ads, and much more.

Dedicated account manager

Every publisher gets a dedicated account manager who helps you solve issues quickly, with big players like Amazon and Google.

Subscription based services

Keep 100% of the royalties you earn with stores. We only ask for a flat monthly rate depending on the number of titles you manage.


Our enterprise solution offers easy book management, ensuring we meet the needs of any book publisher.

Why sell to all stores via PublishDrive?

Instead of selling directly with stores, going through PublishDrive helps scale your business with the smartest tools and services.

The global demand for digital books is higher than ever today. We make sure you reach every market and channel possible.



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Case Study: How Publisher J-Novel Club Maximizes Monthly Revenue

J-Novel Club is a digital publishing company that licenses, translates, and publishes Japanese content such as manga and light novels into English.

They release around 20 volumes a month, distributing both ebook and print copies. With membership access, readers get the latest digital releases around the globe.

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