Sales analytics in PublishDrive

We have new, detailed sales analytics in PublishDrive! Our objective is to increase your ebook sales with a global reach and help you understand the market and the performance of your ebooks. That’s why we give you the best tool in your hand for sales analytics, so you can see how well your books perform.

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What can you see in sales analytics in PublishDrive?

  • You can follow realtime sales data with filtering, so you can check the most important specific metrics for your books. Such as filtering by country, title, contributor or store.
  • You can understand deeper what the driver of growth for your books is. You can see the bestselling categories, countries, the best price tier for your books and you can understand where most of your revenue comes from.

How can you use our new feature, the sales analytics?

Click on the „Sales” heading in your Menu in PublishDrive.

You can always choose Chart or Map view.

You can add filters about term, your content and sales.

You can choose from the following options in order to analyse your sales data:

  • Publisher/Imprint
  • Title
  • Contributor
  • Series
  • Adult content
  • Category
  • Right status
  • Language

You can choose the following options to clarify your sales data:

  • Store
  • Country
  • Purchase type
  • Price tier

Here is an example for filter use:

On the first chart you can see the volume and value of your sales.

Under this column chart you can see your best performing titles.

In the following section you can see your best values (category, price tier, country, store)

On the right side you can see the ‘Best performing titles’ and the ‘Best performing countries’.

On the left side you can see the ‘Price tiers’ and the ‘Proceeds by store and country’.

Check out this new feature in your PublishDrive account!