SPS-415: AI & Aggregation with PublishDrive

Danica Favorite, PublishDrive’s Community Manager and a published author is taking charge of a study aimed at helping authors understand where they stand on important issues like AI.

In this episode of The Self Publishing Show, Danica presents her survey designed specifically for authors. It’s a more in-depth survey than what's usually out there, and Danica explains why: "We chose to go more involved because I think that the publishing market is more complex than we want to admit that it is [...] as time evolves, humans get more and more complicated. And I think that's true of the publishing landscape. It gets more complicated, and there are more things to look at. And so we really wanted to look at how different things are being impacted and why. And so, okay, for the authors who are saying things are getting worse, why are they getting worse? What is getting worse? And for those who are saying, 'No, things are getting better,'  okay, why are things getting better? What are you doing that's making it better? Because we want everyone to be able to learn from that."

The discussion covers:

  • PublishDrive’s role in the publishing landscape
  • details about the survey
  • the influence of AI in creative realms
  • the survey’s objectives

Curious to learn more about PublishDrive, AI, and how this survey is set to shape the publishing industry's future? Tune in to the episode for deeper insights.

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