AI Adoption in Publishing: Findings from a PublishDrive Survey of Over 250 Professionals

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the publishing industry signals a few significant changes ahead. PublishDrive has recently surveyed over 250 authors and publishers to understand how they use AI in their processes. 

Their answers gave us a better understanding of how the publishing industry adopts AI.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • AI in Content Creation: Authors and publishers use AI to generate ideas and assist in the writing process, indicating a shift towards more AI-driven content production.
  • Marketing Innovations: AI technologies are being used to tailor marketing strategies more precisely, aiming for higher engagement and efficiency.
  • Reader Engagement: There are new methods enhanced by AI for keeping readers engaged, pointing to a future of more personalized and interactive content.
  • Ethical Considerations: The survey highlights concerns around ethics and the responsible use of AI, suggesting a need for industry-wide standards.


PublishDrive's survey reveals a complex yet optimistic view of AI’s role in publishing. It highlights the importance of navigating technological advances responsibly while capitalizing on AI's opportunities.

Download the complete PublishDrive AI survey and gain deeper insights into preparing for the shifts AI is bringing to the industry. ⬇️