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How to Write a Romance Novel (& Publish)

Romance (including erotica) is the hottest genre to sell in, being the most profitable…

By Sarah Yoo

How to Get Started with Dark Fantasy

In the spirit of Halloween, we are spotlighting dark fantasy. Often lumped with horror,…

By Sarah Yoo

What Successful Worldbuilding Looks Like

PublishDrive recently connected with J.A. Armitage from Enchanted Quill Press, a service company supporting…

By Guest Author

The Complete Guide in Choosing Book Cover Fonts (Part 2)

We covered how book cover fonts can make or break your book cover in…

By Monica Dube

5 Tips For How to Publish a Book (During A Pandemic)

As the pandemic cascades, we are experiencing unusual times with social distancing and other…

By Kinga Jentetics

How to Publish an Anthology

In the Future of Publishing panel at 20Booksto50k (one of the major self-publishing industry…

By Dalma Szentpály

Finding Your Voice as a Writer: How and Why To Do It

“Finding Your Voice as a Writer: How and Why To Do It” was written…

By Guest Author

Recognizing and Respecting Writer’s Burnout: Tips From Author Jeffe Kennedy

"Recognizing and Respecting Writer’s Burnout” was written by Jeffe Kennedy, an award-winning, best-selling author…

By Guest Author

How to Co-Author a Book: Top 5 Methods to Share the Workload

Whether you’re a bestselling author with a large back list or a debut author,…

By Monica Dube

The Ultimate List of Self-Publishing Resources

One of my favorite things about self-publishing is the community. While there’s no guidemap…

By Monica Dube

How to Write and Finish Your Novel: My 5-Step Method

“How to Write and Finish Your Novel: My 5-Step Method” was written by globetrotter…

By Guest Author

How to Write the Perfect Author Bio

“How to Write the Perfect Author Bio” is brought to you by A.G. Billig.

By Guest Author

How to Become a Ghostwriter: Perks and Benefits

Are you a writer if you are not writing your own book? And, are…

By Monica Dube

Self-Publishing Dictionary: A Beginner’s Guide

Authors tend to sum up their experiences regarding self-publishing somewhat like this: “I had…

By Monica Dube

Self-publishing Sci-fi and Fantasy: Interview with Joseph Malik, Author of Dragon’s Trail

Sci-fi author Joseph Malik has not only collected favourable reviews on his first release,…

By Monica Dube

Ebook Templates – A Waste of Money?

Many people argue that ebooks don’t have to be beautiful: the ebook readers or…

By Monica Dube

Reedsy Book Editor: Write, edit, and convert a beautiful book for free

Following the success of our last article on ebook editing tools, we decided to…

By Monica Dube

Ebook Pricing for a Foreign Market – Eurozone and Eastern Europe

It is always exciting to read and write about faraway lands and cultures. But…

By Monica Dube

Top 9 Most Useful Ebook Software for Writers

The age of handwriting your ebook and typing it up later is long gone.

By Monica Dube

Interactive Ebooks: What Are They and How to Make Them

The growth of interactive ebooks coincided with me getting into publishing studies. I couldn’t…

By Monica Dube

Do Not Get Caught Un-Quote

Do you remember the eighth commandment? Do not steal. Everybody knows that, and yet:…

By Monica Dube

Five Reasons to Self-Publish

When I started writing fiction, I assumed that there is not a single writer…

By Monica Dube

The Complete Guide in Choosing Book Cover Fonts (Part 1)

Book cover fonts can make or break your book cover, so you should choose…

By Monica Dube