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Before publishing, get your digital book corrected and polished within one to two business days by our best experts in the industry. We ensure your ebook, print-on-demand, or audiobook is free of errors before distributing globally to PublishDrive’s 400+ online stores and thousands of digital libraries.

Saving you time and energy in self-publishing is what PublishDrive is built on. Our process starts with a simple upload of your manuscript on the online platform. In the case of crucial errors with your file, we show what needs fixing. We guarantee top industry standards – we’ve helped publish over 100,000 ebooks so far.

As our indies increased their digital book sales by 66% this year, we’ve expanded our ebook formatting services. As an author or publisher, you no longer need to revisit the manuscript you’ve worked on. Our pros can make the needed changes and have your file ready to go, shipped to many stores in no time. Keep reading to see how.

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How It Works

After you upload an ebook, print-on-demand, or audiobook on PublishDrive, submit it for review by our internal team. It takes a couple of business days for us to get back to you. Either your book gets approved and shipped to multiple stores of your choice or declined if we find any issues.

With errors that can’t go ignored before proper publishing, we indicate those areas via email and on your PublishDrive dashboard. From your dashboard, clicking on the button to correct your book brings you to important information laid out like this:

We list out exactly where your formatted manuscript needs attention. We also include the calculated total fee to order PublishDrive’s book correction service. You may fix these issues yourself. However, if you’d like to leave it to our pros, click “Fix the errors for me!” We’ll take care of it in one to two business days, then distributed to stores right away.

Tip: If you decide to make corrections yourself, definitely use PublishDrive’s Help Center to find how-to guides on a variety of topics. Check out categories “book review and management” and “book formatting and upload.” Also, bookmark our ultimate list of self-publishing resources. You’ll find a bunch of links like our free ebook converter.

What We Look For

It’s vital your manuscript is at its very best before distributing it to stores. PublishDrive’s widest network includes stores like Amazon KDP Select, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play Books, and more. With 400+ online stores and thousands of digital libraries, each channel has a different review process. We make sure your book is not only ready for these stores but fully optimized in metadata and overall user experience.

We review the basics such as your book’s table of contents, title page, and cover design. Metadata is critical in publishing since it helps with accurate categorization and better discoverability of your book. When applicable, we suggest adding as much research-backed info as you can. To name a few more, our pros look at pricing, copyrights, and keywords (important for search engine optimization).

PublishDrive Got Your Back

Since 2015 we helped publish more than 100,000 ebooks. In digital publishing, PublishDrive is pioneering the realm, especially with smart tools. Tools that help with book categorization or Amazon ads (with AI tech), for example. Our team involves accomplished developers, editors, and publishing experts well versed in manuscript handling and beyond. Your book is safe with us.

Not only do we provide ebook conversion services, but there’s a ton more you can do with our services:

  • Get exclusive book promotions and an entire suite of built-in marketing tools.
  • Track sales with real-time reporting and an easy-to-use finance menu.
  • Pretty much, manage your entire publishing business on one dashboard.

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