About the Author Page

Whether you’re a self-publishing company or author, you want to distribute content to major channels like Amazon and Google Play Books. Doing so involves uploading your book files, setting up metadata, as well as writing out your author pages. Let’s go over what to know about the author page.

What’s an author page?

Traditionally, an author page or author bio is usually at the end of a book. In digital publishing, you’ll find an author page on sites like Amazon, Google, Goodreads, and Facebook. These pages are how readers find out more about you and your work. I recommend creating an author page for all four of the platforms mentioned.

Write an author bio

Your bio tells your audience who you are and what you write. It should also grab the attention of your readers from the very first sentence. Among a sea of competition, you want to stand out.

Self-Publishing Master shared pointers on how to write an author bio:

  1. Have a strong opening.
  2. Know your reader.
  3. Pick details that match your author brand, genre, and target audience.
  4. Tell a story.
  5. Use the third person.
  6. Keep your bio up to date.

For more, check out this quick four-minute video on crafting your about me:

Amazon author page

I say above all else, have your Amazon author page set up. As the mecca of online books (capturing 40% of the market), Amazon KDP is THE place to sell your content. Readers browsing on Amazon will click on the authors of books they like to read. Sometime they’ll click “follow” to get publication updates. You can link your social media or blog too.

Here’s what bestselling author Brandon Sanderson’s page looks like:

To create an Amazon author page, head to author.amazon.com and log in with your KDP or regular Amazon account. Then simply follow the instructions. You’ll need to enter your author name, claim your books on Amazon, add your author bio, and add any reviews. Remember to keep your page up to date!

Google author page

Google Play Books is another giant channel for digital content. The book app is pre-installed on every Android device. That’s billions of users! Plus, as the #1 search engine, having an author page up on Google helps with higher rankings in search results.

Here’s what the Google author page looks like:

Note: getting your content up on Google can be quite a feat, taking some authors years to accomplish. With the self-publishing platform PublishDrive, the process is quicker and easier. Your content gets distributed to hundreds of other bookstores as well. To set up your Google author page via PublishDrive, all you do is fill out a form with your bio and a list of your books.

Goodreads author page

Goodreads is the largest site for readers and book recommendations. It’s awesome for boosting discoverability, so don’t skip this one!

Like other platforms, you’ll need your author bio, list of books, and any author websites or social links. More tips on Goodreads:

  • Review other books to build up your profile.
  • Post high-quality cover photos.
  • Share your Goodreads link in your newsletter, social media, etc.

Facebook author page

Facebook is still the most popular social media channel. Written Word Media wrote a great guide on creating your Facebook author page:

  1. Click the menu with the dots button at the top right of your Facebook account.
  2. Under “Create”, select “Page”.
  3. Enter the details like the name of your page and description.
  4. Upload your profile photo, cover photo, and insert your bio in the “about” section.

Check out Rachel Morgan’s Facebook  page. She kept her bio simple. But she’s posting and updating her followers all the time.

About the author page: in a nutshell

Self-publishing requires not only distributing your book but promoting your book. Like running social accounts, maintaining author pages to engage with your readers. And, find new potential readers too.


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