How to Sell a Book on Amazon, Easily

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About Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer for individual sellers and larger businesses. The platform dominates the United States e-commerce market with over 145m mobile app users. Today, 'Books' is the 5th bestselling category on Amazon.

PublishDrive helps you sell books on Amazon, multiple formats like ebook, print-on-demand, and audiobook. As a PublishDrive author, get time-saving tools and promotional perks to run your best publishing business.

How to self publish on Amazon in 4 Easy Steps

Getting listed on Amazon is fast and easy! PublishDrive’s friendliest dashboard guides you through the process in no time. It starts with a simple upload of your book files.


Prepare Your Book

Upload your book files (ebook, print-on-demand, audiobook). An AI editor helps put everything together from formatting to metadata.


Publish Your Book

Switch on Amazon and other book stores you want to sell in. After hitting submit, it takes a few business days for PublishDrive to review your book. When approved, your book gets sent out immediately.


Promote Your Book

Choose from a suite of book marketing tools and perks. Run discounted book prices, get featured in newsletters, collect reviews, and more.


Track Your Book

Keep up with reviews, ratings, and real-time sales. Get automatic royalty reports, pre-made charts, and never miss a payment.

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Why Publish on Amazon With PublishDrive?

1. Reach More Readers

Amazon Kindle dominates the e-commerce market, capturing around 50% of sales. Over 200 million people visit Amazon every month. With brick and mortar stores in 13 countries, millions of books are searched for every day. Amazon is called the mecca of books for a reason.

Plus, digital books are in high demand. PublishDrive indies made 85% more digital book sales in 2021, despite the pandemic. Book establishments in the U.S. have decreased. And digital substitutes like ebooks have skyrocketed. Schools and educational institutions have shifted to remote learning. Readers are prioritizing online content.

The coolest part: PublishDrive gets you into not just Amazon, but thousands of other book stores. Skip the exclusivity agreement with Amazon, and instead sell everywhere possible with the all-in-one self-publishing platform.

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2. Boost Your Sales With Promotional Tools & Perks

Publish on Amazon using a single dashboard, access PublishDrive’s suite of marketing features:

  • Amazon advertising tool with AI support for easily setting up and optimizing ads on Amazon. The tool is available for anyone who wants to advertise a book sold on Amazon either with a PublishDrive or KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) publisher account.
  • Price promotions for running discounted or free sales campaigns on Amazon Kindle devices and other channels.
  • Featuring opportunities for landing in special campaigns by Amazon and other stores.
  • DRM protected book copies for sending out review requests straight to reading devices.
  • Paid placements for reaching millions of subscribed readers.

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3. Get Instant Support

The PublishDrive team is made up of top industry experts. Wherever you are in the publishing or marketing process, get the best customer services you need. With a direct line of communication to Amazon, issues are resolved quickly.

"With PublishDrive, there is a bigger representative on the market which can fight for us publishers.”

Samuel Pinansky, President & Founder, J-Novel Club

PublishDrive is also made up of passionate developers who create technical publishing solutions. From AI help with metadata to bulk import and management of books, get the best publishing gadgets in the industry.

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PublishDrive Highlights


Free ebook conversion

Convert your manuscript to the correct ebook format to sell on Amazon (it's free!)


No extra costs or fees

PublishDrive doesn't take any commission. You’ll get the same royalties as publishing directly on KDP. 


Smart publishing tools

Track your links, sales, rankings, and reviews in one place. View real-time sales analytics and receive automated royalty reports.


Multi-format publishing

Publish ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand formats.


Promotional book pricing

Set your book for free or discounted to boost downloads. 

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Rachel Morgan Increased Her Book Sales by 150% 

“The PublishDrive platform is easy to use, and the team behind it is friendly, helpful, and always quick to respond to any query I might have. I've greatly enjoyed my publishing experience with them thus far, and I look forward to working with them further as they continue to grow and innovate in the independent publishing space.”

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Rachel Morgan
Bestselling Indie Author

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Top 5 Things to Know Before Publishing on Amazon Kindle

publish on amazon

1. No ISBN is required to publish through PublishDrive.

2. PublishDrive will convert your ebook in the right format for Amazon (mobi) and optimize it for the best reader experience.

3. Start marketing with PublishDrive early on. Set up your book on pre-order before the release date on Amazon Kindle. All you need are placeholder files for your cover and manuscript.

4. You can publish print copies on Amazon Kindle with PublishDrive. Don't miss out on selling physical copies of your book.

5. In order to improve your book sales, it's important to pay attention to your reviews, ratings, and rankings. Get about a dozen of reviews before you start advertising with Amazon Ads and track them on your PublishDrive dashboard. Don’t forget about setting up your author pages and product pages on Amazon and other places like Goodreads.

Published on Amazon Kindle Already?

PublishDrive handles the transition without messing up your books listed on Amazon. Transfer your titles quickly and keep all your reviews and rankings on Amazon Kindle. 

“It was fabulous that I could hit one or two buttons and then my whole account transferred over. I started self-publishing on PublishDrive new titles...I found that to be incredibly easy...I would upload it to the system and it would automatically import several fields. I didn't have to add a bunch of extra information. I really loved that quick and easy step to get the book up that much faster.”

– Bestselling Author Lauren Smith

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Why Go Beyond Amazon KDP and Sell Everywhere Else Too

Amazon KDP Select or Kindle Select is a program run by Amazon. This program requires authors and publishers to publish exclusively with Amazon. Authors can enroll in the Kindle Unlimited program, which works like a lending library for readers. 

This ecosystem works well for some kinds of books, but it also means reaching a limited audience. If your goal is to build your publishing business for the long term, we recommend selling everywhere you can (not just KDP).

PublishDrive gets you in Amazon PLUS thousands of other stores like Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, Scribd and Dreame. Start selling in no time.

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More Publishing Tips With PublishDrive

  1. After writing a book, use PublishDrive's friendly user interface to upload your book files. Don't forget to optimize metadata to reach the right audience and rank higher on Amazon. After submitting, get a review of your book from top industry experts in no time.
  2. Choose from not only Amazon, but thousands of other online stores and digital libraries. All you need to do is switch on the channels you’d like to sell in. 
  3. Plan to sell by promoting your book with marketing perks and tools. Find a list of promotional opportunities to submit your book on your PublishDrive dashboard. Send protected review copies to friends and influencers. Set up price promotion campaigns in a jiffy. Promote your best.
  4. Make the best decisions in your author business by understanding your sales data. Use PublishDrive’s analytics dashboard for real-time sales, reports, and pre-made charts.

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PublishDrive Is a Trusted Partner in the Indie Community

"Thank you so much everyone at PublishDrive. Words are too simple to express my gratitude to you all. If I could fill your day with ice cream, I would..."

"Thank you! You guys are the best support, by far, I have come across. You are kind, understanding and go the extra mile. I can even ask stupid questions and know I'll get an answer. I'll be recommending PublishDrive to all authors I know."


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PublishDrive is an all-in-one self-publishing platform for distributing and promoting ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand formats. Enjoy distribution to over 400 online stores and 240K digital libraries. PublishDrive's global network includes retailers like Amazon, Apple, Google, and hard-to-reach markets like China.

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