Voxa: Be the First to Reach Romania’s Digital Book Market

Our team has been working hard to expand PublishDrive’s distribution network. In recent months, we’ve added three new channels to our self-publishing platform: Ingram, iReader, and Baker & Taylor. We bring our indies yet another addition... Say hello to Voxa! What to know –

What is Voxa?

Voxa is Romania’s very first subscription mobile reading app, listing ebooks and audiobooks in all genres and languages (focusing especially on English and Romanian content). 

How’s the book market?

Romania’s ebook market serves over 2M readers, valued at $63M with an annual growth rate of 7%. Within PublishDrive, Romania was a bestselling country that brought our users 14% more sales last year. With Voxa being the first of its kind to launch in Romania, you don’t want to miss out on this new venture.

Plus, Voxa uses a subscription business model. Despite the pandemic in 2020, our indies saw 55% more growth thanks to subscription channels. Readers have drastically shifted to online modes. Voxa is the way!

Why Voxa through PublishDrive?

We’re proud to share that PublishDrive is the first and only self-publishing platform to partner with Voxa (as of now). Are you ready to access Romania’s untapped audience of digital book lovers?

Our partnership also provides exclusive book promotion opportunities. Get featured, run free or paid advertisements, set up powerful price campaigns, and much more. For publishers, bulk book import supports the upload and management process for larger catalogs.

We’re pretty much the only platform that can get your content up and running on Voxa’s app. Let’s go over how we get that done. ↓

How to distribute your book to Voxa

If you’re already distributing through PublishDrive:

  • There’s no action required here. We will automatically send your ebook and audiobook title(s) to Voxa. (If you don’t wish to distribute to Voxa, just switch off the channel under your account: log in.)
  • See our help guide for more details.

If you’re not on PublishDrive:

  • Sign up for a PublishDrive account (free to use for 14 days).
  • Go through the book upload process (have your book files ready).
  • Then simply switch on the store under your distribution options.

Simple and easy is the name of the game. Ready to pioneer a new market with us?

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