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Baker & Taylor publishing with PublishDrive

Following our recent announcement on iReader joining PublishDrive’s distribution reach, we welcome another partner to our self-publishing platform! And we’re excited to help you reach more readers with Baker & Taylor. Here’s what to know below.

What is Baker & Taylor?

Baker & Taylor is a premium distributor of books, managing over 1.5 million titles for public libraries, schools, major book labels, and more. They’ve been in the business for over 190 years, maintaining one of the largest in-stock inventories of physical and digital content.

Why library distribution?

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the demand for digital books and platforms surged like never before. Digital store types such as online retailers (Amazon) and subscription platforms (Dreame) boomed a ton. AND, libraries lead the pack. By the end of 2020, PublishDrive indies made 129% more book sales with library distribution. 

Baker & Taylor is a giant library provider you don’t want to miss.

Why Baker & Taylor through PublishDrive?

Our partnership offers exclusive featuring and book promotion opportunities, like running advertisements, price campaigns, and beyond. For publishers, bulk book import helps with uploading, editing, and managing large quantities of titles. Streamlining is the name of our game!

Plus, landing a partnership with Baker & Taylor is not easily accessible for indie authors and publishers. With PublishDrive, you get to skip the manual negotiations and go straight to selling your work. Let’s go over how we get that done. ↓

How to distribute your book to Baker & Taylor

If you’re already distributing through PublishDrive:

  • All you have to do is lay back and chill like a cucumber. The PublishDrive team will automatically send your book(s) out to Baker & Taylor. (To opt-out, switch off the channel under your account: log in.)
  • See our help guide for more details.

If you’re not on PublishDrive:

  • Sign up for a PublishDrive account (free to use for 14 days).
  • Go through the book upload process (have your book files ready).
  • Then simply switch on the store under your distribution options.
Baker & Taylor distribution with PublishDrive

Super straightforward, right? Are you ready to add Baker & Taylor to your distribution strategy? A new audience is waiting for you!

Sell your book in thousands of stores with PublishDrive

✅ Reach 400+ bookstores and 240K+ libraries.
✅ Manage your entire gig with distribution, marketing, and royalty reporting support.
✅ Join indies who made 85% more book sales in 2020.

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