27 Top Romance Publishers to Look Out For in 2024

Book publishers know that when love is in the air, there is no off button for printing presses regarding romance novels. Contemporary romance in adult fiction or middle-grade and young adult formats has kept the imagination alive for generations. 

Romance publishers have a sharp vision of their industry’s potential to unlock the daydreaming capability in their readers. They are always looking to expand portfolios to match the tastes of their fans. With romance being not just the hottest, but the most profitable genre, romance novel publishers keep the bar high in the hope of finding yet another New York Times bestselling novel. 

This article lists some of the top romance publishers, including romance publishers accepting submissions (2024 included) and romance publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

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Explore our list of romance novel publishers:

1. Entangled Publishing

This women-owned independent publisher accepts submissions today through its romance imprint that strives to celebrate love in all its diverse complexity. Make sure you follow the submission guidelines and you may have the opportunity to join many New York Times bestselling authors, including Tracy Wolff, whose series Crave instantly topped New York Times bestselling lists. 

2. Harlequin

Now part of the HarperCollins publishing group, Harlequin has been one of the leading romance book publishers for women for the previous 70 years. With a portfolio of more than 100 monthly ebook and print titles, Harlequin publishes numerous bestselling authors with titles regularly featured in USA TODAY, Publishers Weekly, and Bookscan bestseller lists. Submissions are accepted based on these guidelines.

3. Blind Eye Books

Blind Eye Books publishes the best in mystery, fantasy, and romance with LGBT protagonists. Titles are announced to their readership through a biannual newsletter campaign. Submissions are open, but a careful review of guidelines is encouraged. 

4. Text Publishing

Three times the recipient of the ABIA Small Publisher of the Year award, this is an independent publishing house based in Melbourne. Submissions are considered if coming from residents from Australia and New Zealand. Proposals can take approximately six months to be reviewed due to the increased volume coming into the Text offices.  

5. Black and White Publishing

Black and White Publishing, a leading Scottish independent publisher, no longer accepts unsolicited fiction manuscripts (since October 2019.) Follow their submissions page to learn when or if they may reopen submissions again. 

6. Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster is a leading international publisher that wants to educate, inspire and entertain readers across the globe with various publishing titles. Works include many romance titles and subcategories, such as modern romance, young adult romance, love through the ages, paranormal romance, and other love-struck fictional enchantments. Simon & Schuster also owned Crimson Romance Publishing, however they closed this venture in 2018.

7. Kensington Publishing

In its 49th year in business, Kensington Publishing is one of the remaining US independent hardcover and mass-market paperback book publishers. With a broad spectrum of titles in their portfolio, they have a backlist of almost 5000 titles and publish around 500 new titles yearly.

8. Prairie Rose Publications

This romance publisher has it all: both action-packed and soft and sensual novels featuring strong female protagonists ready to tame the most heroic hearts. This publishing house focuses on medieval romance, western historical romance, and the Regency period. Submissions are currently closed, but keep an eye out for when they reopen.

9. Tule Publishing

Tule Publishing is a go-to among contemporary romance publishers. They’re always looking for fantastic stories from strong literary voices. Submissions reopen on February 1st, 2024, for various subcategories, including fresh takes on classic romantic tropes, romantic comedies, and stories featuring strong, savvy heroines.

10. Kolero Press 

London-based publisher focused on lowbrow and the kustom kulture movement. They have a portfolio comprising pop art, street culture, erotica, and horror titles. Kolero Press books are found in traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores and online. They accept submissions only for illustrated books.

11. Bella Books

This romance publisher accepts books about women loving women. From romance to erotica, mystery, and thrillers, this publisher celebrates lesbian, queer, and non-binary readers and authors of all ages, cultures, and colors.

12. Decadent Publishing

This is a 100% romance novel publishing company. They feature a long list of precise subgenres but welcome manuscripts that adhere to their specific submission requirements

13. Literary Wanderlust

This coalition of editors and publishers presents not as a hybrid publisher but as a royalty-paying, traditional print and digital publishing house. Literary Wanderlust accepts unsolicited manuscripts but not previously published ones. Reviewing submissions takes three to four months, and the genres of interest are featured on their dedicated submissions page.

14. Dreamspinner Press

Gay male romance is a hot topic at Dreamspinner Press. Submissions are open in several categories, including paranormal romance and LGBTQI young adult. The description of relationships, topped with a happy ending in multiple versions or styles, is encouraged and preferred over plot development.

15. Speaking Tiger

Founded in 2014, Speaking Tiger is one of India’s most acclaimed independent publishers. It has works published mainly in English. In their portfolio, they have authors shortlisted for all the major literary prizes of South Asia, including the Sahitya Akademi Award, the Crossword Book Award, the Hindu Literature Prize, the DSC Prize, the JCB Prize, the Tata Literature Live Awards, and the AutHer Awards. Submissions are open to unsolicited manuscripts.

16. Romance Ink.

Started in 1999 with spicy stories in mind, Romance Ink. has diversified genres and subcategories to match the wildest dreams and fantasies. They insist that whatever you may be searching for, they have published it. 

17. Melange Books

Melange Books is a royalty-paying company catering to every taste in literature. They focus exclusively on ebooks and print-on-demand. Submissions are currently closed, but the following categories are of interest: romance, sweet, sensual and erotic, westerns, science fiction, horror, contemporary, chick-lit, men's fiction, women's general fiction, action-adventure, speculative, drama, gay, lesbian, urban fantasy, paranormal, cross-genres, urban fantasy, young adult, mainstream fiction, and non-fiction. 

18. Odyssey Books

Odyssey Books is committed to offering its readers engaging and beautifully written books that can stretch their readers' imaginations and inspire them to take on adventurous voyages and spiritual quests.

19. Changeling Press

A publishing house dedicated to digital editions of Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance. Submissions are currently open for several categories, as long as you include a happily ever after or happily for now ending:

  • Contemporary: MC Romance, Medical Romance, Military, Veterans, and First Responders, Murder Mystery, New Adult, Organized Crime Romance, Rock Star Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense
  • Sci-Fi Futuristic & Paranormal: Alien Encounters, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Cyber-Punk, Magic, Steampunk, Shapeshifters, Werewolves & Wolf Shifters, Vampires, Zombies
  • Themes: Age Gap (Older Man), LGBTQ, Gay, Bisexual, Multisexual & Pansexual, Multiple Partners, Sex/Gender Shifters & Mpreg, Multicultural & Interracial, Reverse Harem, Single Parent/Pregnancy Romance

20. Boroughs Publishing Group

This romance publishing house is very firmly committed to sharing its love for romance, a great story, compelling characters, and a happy ending. Boroughs Publishing Group is one of the best romance publishers and prides itself on not limiting authors' imaginations as well as actively seeking submissions from those who share their values and find themselves attracted to characters such as space cowboys, gargoyles, or crusty cops. 

21. Forever 

An imprint of Grand Central Publishing, Forever publishes a broad range of fiction romances ranging from the hot man next door to sexy billionaires, cowboys, immortal shift shapers, army extraordinary, and regency rogues. Forever contributed to the launch of numerous New York Times bestselling authors, including Larissa Ione, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Paula Quinn. 

Forever Yours is their digital version, publishing ebook editions of the genre's classics but also original works. Forever and Forever Yours welcome both unsolicited and agented manuscripts for submission

22. Soul Mate Publishing

A publisher with an eye for high-quality romantic fiction where two become one. They feature traditional sweet romance but also stories that push the limits. They are currently open to submissions only for authors in their portfolio. 

23. Lyrical Press

Image source

An imprint of Kensington Publishing that is actively looking for submissions in all romance genres, with a preference for suspense and historical romance in unique settings.

24. Sweet Heart Books

An indie sweet romance publisher specializing in adult and young adult romance novels. Submissions are accepted and welcome as long as they do not contain sex, swear words, or violence.

25. Wild Heart Books

Wild Heart Books is a traditional publisher of Christian historical romance. If you browse their catalog, expect strong heroines, inspirational messages, and exciting stories. Submissions are welcome from both experienced and first-time authors. The preferred timeframe for the plot is between 1700 and 1900, set in the US or Canada, but other settings are welcomed.

26. White Rose Publishing

Strictly focused on romance, this imprint of Pelican Book Group aims to convey life as lived by people of faith. Submissions are welcome for novels with strong protagonists who, in their conflict, understand that faith is the cornerstone of love.

27. Spencer Hill Press

Founded in 2010, this indie publisher specializes in young adult, adult contemporary, and new adult romance literature. Submissions are currently accepted strictly for the three categories mentioned before.

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Love Conquers All

Romance is one of the most profitable genre in book publishing. Carefully plan your writing journey to make the most of your work, fully taking advantage of your genre’s opportunities and developments. Build a community of dedicated readers, who, in turn, will echo your marketing tactics and transform hard work into well-deserved royalties. 

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