Top Book Distribution Companies

book distribution companies

Like most things in self-publishing, you’re in charge of distributing your book. This looks like researching and eventually reaching out to book distributors, wholesalers, vendors, and more. The process can take up a lot of time. No worries, here’s a list of the best book distribution companies to know. Hope it helps.

Book distribution companies to know

Real quick, the differences between a distributor and wholesaler:

“A wholesaler buys a book from a publisher and supplies it to bookstores, libraries, or whoever else may want your book. A distributor does similar tasks but works for the publisher. In addition, a distributor provides many services a wholesaler doesn’t.”

I wanted to go over that in case you weren’t aware. This list includes both distributors and wholesalers for ebook, audiobook, and print formats. I also list a variety of other channels you don’t want to miss, such as libraries, subscription platforms, and even foreign book distributors.

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Without further ado, the best book distributors, retailers, and more to know –


One of the world’s largest wholesale book distributors of print books. Reaches over 39,000 stores.

Baker & Taylor

Global distributor with the widest network of libraries, schools, book labels, and more. Handles over 1.5 million titles for suppliers and customers.


Major book retailer with a strong presence in the U.K. and German markets.


Reaches three major online retailers for books in China: DangDang,, and TMall.


The largest audiobook producer and retailer in the U.S.


Number one ebook store in Canada and India reaching over 12 million readers.


The largest library provider for 43,000 libraries across 75 countries.


Romania’s subscription mobile reading app for ebooks and audiobooks.


Poland’s biggest book retailer, capturing over 61% of sales in the Polish market.


One of the world’s largest reading-focused subscription services, serving over one million active subscribers.


Leading audiobook and ebook subscription streaming services in Northern Europen offering over 400 books to over 1.1M customers.


A rising reading app in the South Asian market, especially popular for romance, sci-fi, and fantasy genres.


E-reading subscription service focused in Spanish-speaking markets.


Library provider that reaches over 5M registered users, serving over 2,000 library partners.


One of the largest library book distributors, providing content to over 4,500 institutions in 43 countries.


Provides content to more than 30,000 libraries in 70 countries.


A cooperation of various bookselling platforms with its own dedicated ebook reader. 2nd largest sales channel for brooks in Germany.

For a deeper dive, check out:

Wholesale book distributors, wholesale book suppliers . . . Reach them all!

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