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1. Upload your ebook file or order conversion 

The first step for your global publishing after signing up is to create your epub and upload it into PublishDrive. There is no upfront cost for global ebook publishing and we ask for a one-time fee for conversion if needed. See more under Pricing.

2. PublishDrive publishes your ebook to more than 400 stores

Increase ebook sales easily with PublishDrive. PublishDrive will publish your ebook in more than 4oo stores such as Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, Kindle, Scribd, Barnes and Noble and 400 more. You may receive a detailed list of the stores when you sign up here. Your book links will be updated automatically in PublishDrive, so you can track when they are already available for sale.

3. Track realtime sales data with business intelligence

You are able to track realtime sales data with PublishDrive which is unique on the market. Use PublishDrive’s business intelligence, so you can spread the word about your best selling title on your social media channels. You can react to your marketing effort in a timely manner, so you can be more effective on the long term.

4. Increase ebook sales and collect your money

In PublishDrive you are able to track your financial operations, so you will see when your money will arrive to your account. Do not worry about billing or tracking your money – PublishDrive does it for you.


PublishDrive is a featured global partner of Apple, delivering more than 14,000 ebooks in high quality. Your books may be available for sale in only a few hours – because Apple trusts us. We are happy to offer merchandizing option to our publishers to the Apple store – 90% of our books suggested were featured in the store.

We are proud to have all our partners on board!


Trusted by Apple iBooks

Publish your ebook to Apple iBooks without any upfront cost!

PublishDrive is approved by Apple iTunes for ebooks which means merchandising opportunity and faster sale for you. For no upfront cost.




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