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Amazon is the biggest purveyor of ebooks in the US, controlling most of the ebook market. Millions of people can easily access your books by using Amazon for distribution.

By distributing with Google Play Books, you can tap into Google Play’s vast user base, which spans across multiple countries and languages. Plus, it’s Google. 

Authors can connect with a diverse audience through the Apple Book store's extensive global reach. Access an international audience.

Scribd is one of the world's largest reading-focused subscription services. With PublishDrive, you can start your Scribd self-publishing process with ease.

Overdrive platform that provides users access to ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and other digital media through their local libraries and educational institutions.

Gardners provides distribution services to help authors and publishers get their books into the hands of readers by working with a network of retailers and institutions.

Dreame is an exciting new reading app that caters to female readers under the age of 40 in the English-speaking South Asian market. 

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest book retailers in the US. Publishing and distributing your work through Barnes & Noble with PublishDrive is your gateway to increased visibility.

Baker & Taylor is a global distributor of books with the widest network of libraries, schools, major book labels, and more. They handle over 1.5 million titles for suppliers and customers worldwide.

With Ingram distribution, you can reach 40,000 online stores, other independent bookstores, chain stores, libraries, and universities.

With Odilo & PublishDrive, you can distribute and promote your ebooks to one of the largest educational catalogs in the world. 

Kobo's e-reading subscription service reaching readers in Canada, Neatherlands and in Belgium.


Audible is the most accessible and one of the most popular audiobook and spoken-word entertainment platforms. 

Findaway Voices is the industry leader in audiobook distribution, helping new and established authors reach a global audiobook market.

Spotify is the world’s largest audio streaming platform. Users get access to a gigantic collection of music, podcasts, and audiobook content.


Amazon is a giant book retailer that captures more than half of the book market. Selling books on Amazon is a great way to tap into a big audience.

With Ingram distribution partners, your books can reach 40,000 online stores, bookstores, chain stores, libraries, and universities, and sell your print books globally.


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