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Publish on Scribd and enjoy special promotional opportunities to reach over a million paying customers. Their subscription model allows you to target hungry readers who can’t wait to read your ebooks. Authors who distribute to Scribd through PublishDrive can earn up to 55% of the ebook’s list price.

Publish on Scribd

What is Scribd?

Scribd is an ebook and audiobook subscription service that includes over one million paying customers. Their website visitor number surpasses 100,000,000 visitors every month. Today’s consumers want on-demand content, even when it comes to books. With Scribd’s online subscription service, millions of readers worldwide have unlimited access to books and audiobooks in all their favorite genres.

Scribd has a strong presence in the US offering an alternative to Kindle Unlimited books, but it also has a great international reach in Europe. Their monthly subscription is similar to Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, offering a free trial for the first month. Readers can get access to an unlimited number of books, audiobooks and magazines including over millions of titles.

Publish on Scribd


Why publish on Scribd with PublishDrive?


1. Reach over 1 million paying subscribers

Subscription reading services are popular among avid readers. Many of them are Kindle owners or read through the Kindle app as an Amazon Prime member. But as a self-published author, don’t let the Kindle store be your only option. There are many other readers in the US and also, internationally who prefer to have unlimited books without a Kindle device. Scribd is a great choice with over 1m paying customers and with over 100,000,000 website visitors a month to expand your sales globally.

2. You cannot publish on Scribd alone.

Scribd is always looking for great new ebooks and audiobooks to add to their digital content collection. While they don’t allow authors to directly self-publish to their platform, they are partnered up with PublishDrive to expand their digital library. 

3. Enjoy exclusive promotional opportunities

Scribd has not just a wide reach, but it has a financially attractive business model with great marketing opportunities. Whenever a member reads or listens to a certain percentage of your book, you’ll get paid as if it were a download. Authors who distribute through PublishDrive can earn up to 55% of the ebook’s list price. 

Authors also have access to great exclusive promotional opportunities for FREE through PublishDrive. Every month, Scribd curates a list of books in special categories, such as New Releases. Authors can submit their titles for a chance to be featured in these promotional lists.

How to publish on Scribd?

Publishing on Scribd is fast and straightforward with PublishDrive. Our team works hard to make the publishing process easier for authors and publishers. 

Step 1: Sign up for PublishDrive 

Step 2: Upload your book

Step 3: Follow PublishDrive’s instructions to start publishing on Scribd.

Step 4: Start marketing with PublishDrive early on. Set up your book on preorder for a year from now and enjoy other promotional tools offered by PublishDrive. 

Step 5: Track your sales on your PublishDrive dashboard.

Publish on Scribd Now


Scribd promotional options tailored for your books.

Every month, Scribd curates a list of books in special categories, such as ‘New Releases’ or ‘Holiday Survivals’ from over 60 million documents. Authors can submit their titles through PublishDrive for a chance to be featured in these promotional lists. So your books will be not just more visible to readers, but instantly gets better discoverability in the store and its social network!

These promotional options are mostly open for English titles. But in late 2019, Scribd started to offer these opportunities for Spanish titles through PublishDrive. This was their first attempt to support other languages with better visibility in stores. Scribd is constantly improving its international presence, so stay tuned for more updates for other languages as well!

Publish your book on Scribd in 5 easy steps

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