Coloring Book Publishing and Distribution

PublishDrive offers a seamless solution for distributing print-on-demand coloring books. Authors can publish a coloring book and manage the global distribution to various online retailers.


Distribute Your Coloring Books Without Limitations

Self-publish coloring books and sell them in the world’s biggest bookstores.  

With PublishDrive, creators can distribute their coloring books to renowned print-on-demand services like Amazon or Ingram without constraints. PublishDrive's streamlined process empowers authors to upload and distribute as many print-on-demand coloring books as they want, ensuring global availability across a vast network of retailers. 

PublishDrive facilitates coloring book printing on demand, eliminating the need for large inventory storage while ensuring a steady supply for eager customers.

With the freedom to scale and the ease of managing multiple distribution channels within a single interface, authors can publish coloring books and bring their vibrant creations to the hands of eager coloring enthusiasts without any boundaries or limitations.

Create & Publish Your Coloring Book

The buzz around coloring books has surged in recent years. They help adults with stress reduction, mindfulness, and taking a breather. Opting to print your own coloring book via print-on-demand services helps you create a relaxation haven for those who need it without having large inventories of books.

Publish coloring book

How to Publish a Coloring Book with PublishDrive

Here’s how the process of publishing coloring books works:

Create an account

Create an account with PublishDrive and choose a plan that has print-on-demand services.

Upload coloring book

Head over to book upload and drop your coloring book files. We’ll guide you step by step.

Choose where to sell

Before submitting your files, choose the stores for your print coloring books.

Track your book sales

Use the analytics dashboard to keep up with your sales & receive automatic royalty reports.

Distribute to Coloring Book Publishers

  • OverDrive
    OverDrive's print book distribution expands access, diversifying libraries' physical collections. Available through Ingram.
  • Repro India
    Repro India's print-on-demand revolutionizes book distribution, offering efficient, on-the-spot printing for diverse readership needs.
  • China Print
    CNPeReading Platform enables authors to distribute print-on-demand books, bridging access to elusive markets in China.
  • Amazon
    Amazon Print streamlines book distribution, providing authors a direct avenue for wide-reaching physical book sales.
  • Ingram
    Ingram print-on-demand enhances accessibility, catering to diverse reader preferences with efficient book delivery.
  • Barnes & Noble
    Barnes & Noble's print-on-demand, available through Ingram, expands access, enabling authors to reach the US readership.

Join PublishDrive and make color book printing as relaxing as coloring itself. We’ll distribute your books to major retailers that also work as international coloring book publishing companies.

Publish coloring book

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