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“Honestly, the amount of time it takes to upload to each platform is ridiculous. There’s no way we can distribute to all the channels that PublishDrive distributes to...We wouldn’t even bother uploading to Google Play if we weren’t going through you guys. It’s just too much.”

— Bestselling Author Quinn and Bo Loftis

Why Google Play Books?

People are browsing millions of books on Google Play Books every day.

Reach 2.5bn Users


Google Play Books is a leading digital book store. The app comes preinstalled on Android devices, reaching over 2.5 billion people worldwide. Expand your revenue stream with Google.

Rank Higher Online


Google is a public domain with billions of web pages, essentially an author’s guild. By listing your book on Google, boost discoverability in organic search results or online advertising.

Ready to Streamline?

Since 2015, PublishDrive helped over 18,000 authors publish over 100K books in stores like Google Play Books.

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Get the Help You Need

Google Books accepts new authors to its Google Play Books Partner Program. But strict guidelines can make Google publishing a bit complicated. PublishDrive is here to help.

Trusted Partner


PublishDrive is a trusted partner of Google. The team is a part of Google's acceleration program in Silicon Valley to help authors and publishers sell more books.

Marketing Boosts


Get a suite of book marketing perks and tools. Send review copies to friends and influencers. Get featured in newsletters. Or run effective price promotions.

Time-Saving Smart Tools


Upload your book(s) with the friendliest dashboard. Optimize metadata like book categories with AI help. Publish with a single mouse click. Get auto-royalty reports and never miss a payment.

Customer Support


Wherever you are in the publishing journey, the team is ready to help. With a direct line of communication to Google, get the representation you need.

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Why Now Is the Time to Publish

Since 2020, the demand for digital books has surged. More people sought at-home entertainment like books. Schools and educational institutions have shifted to digital solutions. This trend continues. People are prioritizing online content.

And it’s never been easier to sell books online. By the end of 2020, PublishDrive indies made 85% more in digital book sales. The high demand is apparent across international markets and book formats (like ebooks and audiobooks).

Join the bandwagon and get your book out there to millions of online readers and listeners via Google Books. With PublishDrive, expect to streamline your author business with:


The friendliest user interface with AI help and smart tools.


Distribution to Google Books as well as thousands of other book stores worldwide.


An average of 23+ hours per title per month saved. Get rid of the administrative hassle that comes with managing a book.


The capability to track real-time sales. Understand your data with reports and pre-made charts.


Promotional tools from getting featured in newsletters to collecting reviews, and more.

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Step 1: Sign up to PublishDrive

Step 2: Upload your ebook or audiobook

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Publish in 4 Easy Steps


Prepare Your Book

Upload your book files (e.g. epub files). An AI editor helps put everything together from formatting to metadata.


Publish Your Book

Switch on the stores you want to sell in. After hitting submit, it takes a few business days for PublishDrive to review your book. When approved, your book gets sent out immediately.


Promote Your Book

Choose from a suite of book marketing tools and perks. Run discounted book prices, get featured in newsletters, collect reviews, and more.


Track Your Book

Keep up with reviews, ratings, and real-time sales for numerous stores on one dashboard. Get automatic royalty reports, pre-made charts, and never miss a payment.

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(A note about copyright law: In the United States, strict politics on copyrighted works are in place. Ebook on Google Play published after 1922 gets treated under copyright holders.)

PublishDrive is an all-in-one self-publishing platform where you can distribute ebook, audiobook, and print books. Enjoy a network of over 400 online stores and 240K digital libraries. We get you into a wide network of book stores like Google, Amazon, Apple, and hard-to-reach markets like China.

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