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Google Play Books is also one of the largest ebook stores, now accepting audio as well. It is preinstalled on all Android devices with millions of books and potential readers around the world. Google Books accepts new authors to its Google Play Books Partner Program occasionally, and going direct to Google Play the process may be complicated and long, so be prepared.

If you want the easy way to publish on Google Play, PublishDrive got you covered. Our platform supports authors and publishers with an author-friendly interface and process that reaches over 2.5bn potential readers in over 76 countries. As a trusted partner of Google, PublishDrive offers a reliable distribution to Google Play Books. Join now and give the best treatment to your ebook and audio on Google Play Books!

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Why publish on Google Books?
Rank higher on search terms
Google is the world’s largest search engine. It’s no surprise that books published on Google Play Books help you rank higher in search results in the United States. Also, Google's book search will help your book stand out among millions of books. PublishDrive makes publishing super easy, so your book can get the best treatment in search engines. Google Books work for ebooks and audiobooks only, so do not expect to have your title published in print books as well.
Reach over 2.5bn potential readers on Android devices
Android is the most popular mobile device operations system around the world and has Google Play Books app preinstalled. Android devices are in the hands of over 2.5bn people from the United States to Europe and in emerging markets like India! Millions of books are being found every day. You have 2.5bn more potential readers through PublishDrive’s easy process.
Get free promotions: author pages, review copies and price promotions
Promotions are the key to your book’s success. It's never been easier and safer to ask for a review copy or run price promotions with PublishDrive. Give the best treatment to your books with more book reviews on Google Books and stand out easier from the crowd! PublishDrive has built-in promotion options to help your books shine in Google Play Books.
How to Publish a Book on Google Play Books?
Sign up to PublishDrive to publish on Google Books. We work hard to make the publishing process easier for authors and publishers. We also make sure your books gets the right operational support from our world-class support team.
Reach billions of readers across the globe in over 76 countries, thanks to Android devices with preinstalled Google Books apps. Android devices are the most popular mobile device in the hands of over 2.5bn people. You don’t want to miss out!
Step 2: Upload your book (ebook or audiobook)
Step 3: Follow PublishDrive’s instructions to start publishing on Google Play Books

Authors who distribute ebooks to Google Play Books through PublishDrive don’t need an ISBN. This makes the publishing process easy and accessible for authors and publishers.


Google Play Books prices differently based on the territory. It uses agency and wholesale pricing. PublishDrive takes care of pricing for you. We seamlessly integrate price matching engines of other stores just for your book. (P.s. Agency pricing is when authors and publishers give a fixed price of their book to retailers. Wholesale pricing is when retailers have the right to offer the book cheaper for their own royalty.)


Having trouble checking real-time sales for all of your stores? PublishDrive’s analytics for Google Books is super transparent. Enjoy the benefits of having a real-time sales dashboard for your books. You can also see which countries and stores are delivering the best results.


Google has a strict copyright infringement policy. Public domain books are not allowed to be published on Google Play. Google has its own public library of public domain books after millions of book scanning. This way, they protect copyright holders and increase the reader experience by finding more unique titles.


Set up your book on preorder for a year from now on Google Books. This will help you start marketing with PublishDrive early on. You do not need the final content materials for the upload, only placeholders for your cover and content file. Prepare your team of reviewers and get as much feedback as possible before the official launch date!

Create a Google Books Author Page
Did you know that Amazon isn’t the only platform that offers Author Pages? Google Books also supports them, so you have a better chance to rank high in search results. Authors with more than 10 books and at least 3 reviews for most of their books are eligible for an Author Page.
Send Review Copies via Google Play
If you had to choose between two similar books, which one would you pick? Chances are, you’d buy the one with better reviews. Google Play Books lets authors send out free review copies to their favorite bloggers, free of charge.
Ask for a review copy within minutes
Send it out to all your potential readers
Let them read it and leave reviews
Also, your books have a better chance to stand out in Google Books, if you have a few reviews already. On other platforms, you might need to start with a few dozens of reviews to keep the algorithms interested. On Google Books, you are good to go with only a few for now!
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PublishDrive is a self-publishing platform helping thousands of authors and publishers. We support you to distribute books worldwide, market strategically and achieve success on your own terms. We’d love for you to join us.
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Authors and indies love our user-friendly interface, wide reach, and supportive Publisher Coaches at PublishDrive. We solve problems quickly and regularly release new features to support your publishing journey.

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You guys are amazinig. I really don’t know how you do it. Getting into China is HUGE. Thanks!

As a side note: I really appretiate this service. Very clever and surely very helpful for authors without serious money or influence to get out there. So thank you!

Thank you! You guys are the best support, by far, I have come across. You are kind, understanding and go the extra mile. I can even ask the stupid questions and know I’ll get an answer. I’ll be recommending PublishDrive to all authors I know.

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