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Why Google Books? - Publish on a Lucrative Channel!

🌎 Google Play Books is one of the largest digital book stores around the world. It is a preinstalled Google Play Books app on the Android with 2.5 billion potential readers, but you can also get access to it through a web browser.

Google Books accepts new authors to its Google Play Books Partner Program. Occasionally there are  strict guidelines that can make Google Publishing a bit complicated and long. However, it's still a profitable channel for many publishers who collectively sell millions of books every day.   Reach The Largest Market In the World

📱2.5bn Users Across The Globe Have Google Play Books Pre-installed.
Authors can reach 2.5bn more potential readers through PublishDrive’s streamlined process of publishing to Google. PublishDrive is the only trusted partner of Google, currently being accelerated in Silicon Valley to help authors and publishers sell more books internationally.

Get Free Promotions: Author Pages, Review Copies and Price Promotions

With PublishDrive you have tremendous options to choose from, such as getting featured in stores or in email newsletters as a recommended books. Send free samples with DRM protection to book reviewers or run scheduled price promotions with PublishDrive. On other platforms, you might need to start with a few dozens of reviews to keep the algorithms interested, but on Google Books, you are good to go with only a few! 
💡Did you know?PublishDrive writers increased digital book sales by 69%, distributing to thousands of stores worldwide. Publish your book on Google now

  Rank Higher On Search Terms

Take Advantage of Google's Search Engine Popularity
Google is the world’s largest search engine with billions of web pages - essentially an authors guid where you can boost discoverability for organic search or online advertising purposes. It’s no surprise that books published on the Google Play store help you rank higher in search results in the United States that results in more people buy the book. Also, a dedicated books page in Google Books’ search help you stand out. Google Books app is a huge library project, digitizing public domains with its book titles. All titles published on the Google Play Books store will be automatically enrolled into Google Books as well. 
⚡In A Rush? This 5 minute article will do the trick: 6 Facts About Publishing on Google Play Books

  How PublishDrive Gets You On Google Play Books Faster?

With PublishDrive’s artificial intelligence robot, Savant, authors can find the best category for their books. Savant, is the AI book categorization tool to help authors appear in the right genres and help the search engines do their job. PublishDrive makes publishing super easy, so your book can get the best treatment in search engines to boost your books’ visibility. GoogleBooks only work for ebook and audio (no print books yet). 

  How to Publish a Book on Google Play Books?

Step 1: Sign up to PublishDrive Step 2: Upload your book (ebook or audiobook) Step 3: Follow PublishDrive’s instructions to start publishing on Google Play Books

  Want to Publish Your Book in Every Format? PublishDrive is The Only Self-Publishing Platform that Allows You To Do That. Try it out for Free Today   Why Now is The Time To Publish?  

⏫ PublishDrive indies made 85% more in digital book sales
🎒Schools and educational institutions have shifted to digital solutions.
📚The demand for digital books has surged
🎧Increasing demand for audiobooks and ebooks

Since 2020, the demand for digital books has surged. More people sought at-home entertainment like books, prioritizing digital ways to get them. Schools and educational institutions have shifted to digital solutions. And it’s never been easier to sell books online. By the end of 2020, PublishDrive indies made 85% more in digital book sales. This trend is apparent across international markets and book formats (like ebooks and audiobooks). Join the bandwagon and get your book out there to millions of people ready to read the book or listen to that audio via Google Books.   With PublishDrive, expect to streamline your author business with:

The friendliest user interface with AI help and smart tools Not only distribution of Google Books, but hundred of other online stores worldwide. An average of 23+ hours per title per month saved. Get rid of the administrative hassle that comes with managing a book. The capability to track real-time sales and understand your data with reports and pre-made charts. Promotional tools from getting featured in newsletters to collecting review, and more.

Publish your book on Google now

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