Global Audiobook Publishing and Distribution

Publishers and authors can get into audiobook publishing and expand their reach globally across multiple digital platforms using PublishDrive's distribution.

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One click, distribute everywhere. Start your audiobook publishing journey with us and our trusted audiobook distribution platforms.


Simplifying Audiobook Publishing and Distribution

Using our platform gives you access to all major audiobook retailers and beyond. Publish your audiobook on Audible, Apple Books, Spotify, Storytel, and other regional stores. The key benefit of choosing PublishDrive lies in the efficient handling of your books across these diverse stores, all through one centralized platform.

Audiobook Promotion Services

Once you choose your audiobook distributors, you can start promoting your audiobooks.

Use PublishDrive’s built-in marketing features, such as price promotions and featuring opportunities with Written Word Media’s AudioThicket, to increase your audiobooks’ visibility. Change your audiobook prices and list them in price promotions.

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A Transparent View of Your Potential Earnings

In an industry where everyone takes a piece of your sales, do you really want to give up another 10% of royalties? Instead of a percentage-based approach used by most platforms, PublishDrive uses a flat-fee model, taking zero commissions and giving you 100% of the net royalties you make. Calculate just how much you can earn.

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Publisher Tools

Handle every part of your audiobook publishing under one single platform. The platform has a royalty management system and sales analytics for detailed financial reports, enabling publishers to focus on growth. 

PublishDrive's intuitive interface accommodates a wide range of publishing requirements, whether managing extensive inventories or smaller collections, allowing smooth scalability and effective administration for publishers of all sizes.

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Global Audiobook Distribution

PublishDrive’s global audiobook distribution relies on partnerships with audiobook distributors, pivotal in selling audiobooks across platforms and territories worldwide. These distributors enable creators to reach a global audience, transcending borders for widespread listener engagement.

Publish audiobooks as an author, or handle audiobook distribution as a publisher and reach millions of listeners through apps and publishers like Findaway, Audible, Apple Audiobooks, OverDrive, and many more.

Convert Ebook to Audiobook Online

Skip the complicated audiobook production and get straight to great results. Publish your ebooks with PublishDrive, then use the integrated feature from Apple Digital Narration to convert ebooks into audiobooks.

Cater those who love listening to stories by turning your written content into engaging audio experiences.

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How to Publish an Audiobook with PublishDrive?

See how audiobook publishing works and reach international audiences.

Upload your files

Head over to My Books on your dashboard. Go through the book upload process by uploading your audiobook and cover files. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Fill out your metadata

After uploading your files, provide your book's metadata. Ensure the metadata is informative enough since this makes your book discoverable in stores. 

Choose your distribution channels

Select which stores you want PublishDrive to send your audiobook to. We can send it to various online stores and digital libraries.

Streamlined Audiobook Publishing

PublishDrive provides authors and publishers with a complete package. In addition to publishing services, it offers promotional tools, maximizes royalties through a flat-fee system, and helps with worldwide distribution. Self-publish audiobooks to reach audiophiles all over the world and increase your royalties. 

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