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Audiobook publishing on one dashboard

Along with ebook and print, PublishDrive helps manage audiobook distribution with time-saving and sales-boosting features. (Our indies made 85% more book sales in 2020.)

Earn more royalties

PublishDrive takes 0 sales commission, meaning your take-home royalties are the same as going directly to stores. Get up to 50% on average.

Exclusive promotions

Land featuring opportunities, run price campaigns, and so much more with stores like Google Play, Kobo, and OverDrive.

Manage it all

Handle book upload, distribution, marketing, and sales on one dashboard. Self-publish audiobooks, ebooks, and prints under one roof.

Global audiobook distribution with a click of a button

Publishing audiobooks on Amazon and hundreds of other top audiobook companies have never been easier.

One click, publish everywhere

Publish audiobook on Audible? Don’t stop there. We’ve partnered with major audiobook publishing companies, independent audiobook publishers, audiobook distribution companies, audiobook publishers associations, and many more.

All you have to do is switch on the channels you’d like to sell on. We take care of the rest.

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Now is the time to self-publish audiobooks

Audio is the fastest growing format in online publishing. An estimated 193 million or 68% of the U.S. population listens to audiobooks on a monthly basis. That’s 1 million more than in 2020.

Succeeding as a self-publisher is about not only sustaining but maximizing your revenue streams. PublishDrive provides a simple yet effective process for getting your audiobook out to new and growing audiences.

Boost your sales with marketing tools and features

On one dashboard, access a suite of promotional perks. Regularly check our curated list for free featuring opportunities by thousands of our partners like Amazon and Apple. Run price promotions and buy paid placements that reach millions of book lovers. 

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Streamline your publishing gig

We work with audiobook publishers and authors wherever they are on their journey. Need support with putting your audio files together? How about filling out metadata? Or setting up pre-order strategies across retailers? We got you covered.

Our team is made up of top industry experts, ready to help with audio prepping, distribution, marketing, royalty reporting, and beyond.

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How to self-publish an audiobook with PublishDrive

We made audiobook publishing ridiculously easy.

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Start by creating a free account with PublishDrive and choose your audiobook distribution plan.


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Head over to book upload

Drop your audio files and cover files. We’ll guide you step by step to ensure everything looks good.

Choose where to sell

Before submitting your files for a final review, simply switch on the stores you’d like to sell on.


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Wait for royalties!

Once your files are approved, we’ll send out your content to stores immediately. Use the analytics dashboard to keep up with your sales performance. Receive automatic royalty reports and never miss a payment.

Join tens of thousands of indies who published over 100K books with PublishDrive

We helped indies make 85% more sales in 2020 (despite the pandemic) – you can do it too!

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