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PublishDrive Features

1. Prepare your book

AI-driven book editor

Optimize your book's data for better discoverability in stores, like categories and pricing, with AI and user-friendly functions.

Automated book import

Upload and update your book swiftly. We support stfp or API, and Excel or ONIX.

Clean manuscript conversion

Create the best reading experience with our free ebook converter and help from professionals.

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2. Publish your book

Over thousands of stores

Distribute in 400+ online stores and 240K+ digital libraries across 100+ countries.

Multiple book formats

Reach a wider audience by offering ebook, print-on-demand, and audiobook under one roof.

Pre-order strategy

Set your book for pre-order up to 1 year before the release date – build hype and collect reviews early on.

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3. Promote your book

Featuring opportunities

We help you get featured in newsletters, on the front pages of stores, and more.

Amazon advertising

Promote on Amazon with our tool built for improving your ad performance.

Price promotion

Set your book to free or run discounted price campaigns easily across stores.

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4. Track sales & collect royalties

Every stores’ data in one place

Track your book's store links, plus Amazon and Goodreads rankings and reviews.

Sales dashboard

See real-time sales and go deeper with pre-made charts and filtering options.

Collaboration tools

Invite co-authors, editors, and more to share book data, sales, and earnings reports. We handle payments and taxes for you.

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Is the number next to each plan, the number of books I can upload in a month or total?

The number  is the maximum number of books you can have in your account. If you would like to add more books, you can upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

What promotion opportunities are included in the higher plans?

Promotion options at higher plans include store-specific featuring opportunities, running price promotions, sending review copies, and more. Read more about promotions and marketing here.

I am working with other distributors. Can I bring the same books to PublishDrive?

Yes, PublishDrive does not ask for exclusivity. To maximize your earnings by keeping 100% of your royalties, enjoy real-time sales analytics and promotion options, we suggest selling on as many channels as possible through PublishDrive. To do that, we suggest deactivating them on other conflicting sites for the best possible reader experience. Read more about the topic here.

Is it possible to switch plans?
Yes, you can switch plans at any time.
I'd like to distribute print, ebook and audiobook as well. Can I do that with PublishDrive and how much does it cost?

You can distribute print, ebook and audiobook with PublishDrive. In fact, any combination of them! Just select a plan that includes the right amount of titles and you are ready to go! Just remember that each format (even for the same book), counts as a separate title. 

I have more than 50 titles. How can I work with you?

We work with many publishers (from the indie world, but even from the trade or academic world) who have hundreds, and even thousands of titles.


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