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PublishDrive is an all-in-one Book Publishing Platform, that levarages technology to make publishing all formats, easier and more profitable for both authors and publishers.

Our authors increase digital book sales by 69% on average, publishing worldwide. 

We're constantly innovating to push this number even higher!



Kinga Jentetics


Róbert Csizmár


Ádám Rendes

VP Engineering


A Few Things We're Proud of



Since 2015, our authors have published over 100,000 ebooks in 400+ online stores , 240,000 libraries in 5 continents.

One Platform

PublishDrive allows authors to manage their publishing process from start to finish, with marketing, financial and sales tools, all in one platform.

Keep More Royalties

Our unique subscription pricing allows authors to earn the same royalties, as they would selling directly to brick and mortar book stores.


Manage your publishing process from start to finish, with marketing, financial and sales tools, all in one platform.

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Company Values



We’re a software company but we never forget that our customers are humans, with challanges and dreams, like ourselves. We only hire people who understand this.


Our marketing team understands our technology and our technology team understands our marketing. Smart way of saying, we’re a small but efficient team that works hand-in-hand to keep making publishing easy for you.


Publishing won’t be the same next year or 5 years from now. Everything around us is constantly changing. To make sure PublishDrive remains your unfair advantage, we’re always innovating to stay ahead of the curve.


Stores We Get You Into

We’ve spent months and years partnering with the right stores around the world, so you won’t have to.


+hundreds of other stores and thousand of libraries


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Meet PublishDrive and Our Founder 

We'll let our founder, Kinga take you through our platform!



Google Developers Launchpad

We're proud graduates of the Google Developers Launchpad project, a six-month accelerator program in California. We've received training, mentoring, and $100,000 in Google Cloud credits!


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