Bulk Import 2.0 has arrived

Bulk import is an easy and quick way to publish many books at once. However, when you are uploading many books at once, importing the data can be still very time-consuming.

With the new 2.0 version of the product, PublishDrive has optimized bulk import performance speeding up the process and making it more intelligent. Publishers don’t need to sit and wait for the files to be validated any more: the validation starts automatically in the background right after uploading the files.

What has changed:

  • Import time speeded up – You don’t need to wait for the files to be validated at time of import any more. The validation of your files starts automatically in the background just after you upload them to the sftp site. You can check the status of your books and the validation results at the ‘Import’ page any time. We also send a notification email when all your files have been validated.
  • Using only valid titles from metadata files – If your metadata contains both valid and invalid records, you can choose to import the valid ones only and ignore the rest.
  • Multiple prices are used – If your ONIX metadata contains multiple prices in different currencies they are also imported and used for distribution (see Advanced Pricing) .

Happy publishing!


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