Meet PublishDrive!
Everyone has a story; our mission is to help you tell yours. We believe that publishing beautiful books globally should be simple, straightforward, and accessible to everyone. Our team makes it possible.
Who we are
We are your perfect blend of entrepreneurs, developers, publishing professionals, and dreamers. No matter where you are in your publishing journey; we can help. We work with New York Times bestselling authors, niche indie publishers, and talented novices.
Our global team gives writers access to 400+ stores and 240,000 digital libraries, including major stores such as Amazon, Apple Books, Google, Barnes & Noble, and local distributors. We are an Apple Approved Aggregator and trusted partner of Google.
Why choose us?
We give you total control over all aspects of publishing and a couple of amazing extras, like territorial pricing, a royalty calculator, review copies and in-store featuring.
Our core values
We welcome publishers from all over the world, and work with all languages.
You receive monthly sales reports and payments. We promise to pay your royalties even if (for whatever reason) we don't receive them from the stores.
Our support team is active 24/7, and we promise to reply within eight hours.
Our founders
PublishDrive started as a direct response to a personal challenge—Kinga Jentetics couldn't find a reliable way to publish her master thesis. After a ton of work and a bit of magic, she finally published, gaining global reactions and selling in countries like Brazil and China. She launched PublishDrive in 2015 so that others can share their passions, just like she did.
Kinga Jentetics
Róbert Csizmár
Ádám Rendes
VP Engineering
Google Developers
We're proud graduates of the Google Developers Launchpad project, a six-month accelerator program in California. We've received training, mentoring, and $100,000 in Google Cloud credits!