PublishDrive makes publishing easy and smart in the digital age
PUBLISHDRIVE is the only easy-to-use software for authors and publishers to distribute and manage ebooks, print, and audiobooks under one roof.

Founded in 2015, based out of the US and Europe, PublishDrive makes publishing easier than how it’s traditionally done. Publishers and authors have published over 100,000 ebooks with PublishDrive, with access to 400+ online stores and 240K libraries in five continents. PublishDrive goes beyond distribution, streamlining the entire publishing process with innovative, and exclusive tools in the book industry. Promotion tools like AI improved Amazon Sponsored Ads or featuring options for Apple Books and Kobo or Abacus for royalty management for indies. With PublishDrive’s unique subscription pricing publishers are increasing take-home royalties by earning the same royalty rates as selling directly to stores.

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We help indies succeed
We’re a team of publishing experts building tools and solutions to make self-publishing easier. If you’re looking to publish on your terms or save more time while powering up your business, we work with you. PublishDrive is a trusted partner in the indie publishing community, including bestselling authors, trade publishers, and talented novices.
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Why PublishDrive
Our authors and publishers found success in maximizing royalties by +82% when distributing to more channels. We have the widest global distribution network made up of major retailers, hard-to-reach markets like China, and more.
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Our Services
Our services have proven to save authors and publishers loads of time, 23+ hours per title per month, to be exact. Also, keep 100% of your royalties. You deserve the best.
PD Distribution
For all your self-publishing needs in one dashboard:
  • Ebook, print-on-demand, and audiobook distribution under one roof
  • All major stores, 400+ online stores, and 240k digital libraries
  • Hard-to-reach stores like Google Play, Scribd, or growing markets like China
  • Manuscript conversion
  • Exclusive promotions at top retailers
  • Free review copy distribution
  • Built-in promotion tools
  • Real-time analytics
  • AI tech, e.g. book categorization
PD Abacus
For royalty and effective management in teams:
  • Works for all formats: ebook, print-on-demand, and audiobook
  • Works for Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select publishers
  • Automatic royalty calculations
  • Customized and shareable royalty reports
  • Additional revenue and costs for finance management
  • Payment management
  • Unlimited contributors per title
Our core values
We welcome publishers from all over the world, and work with all languages.
You receive monthly sales reports and payments. We promise to pay your royalties even if (for whatever reason) we don't receive them from the stores.
Our support team is active on workdays, and we promise to reply within eight hours.
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Our founders
PublishDrive started as a direct response to a personal challenge—Kinga Jentetics couldn't find a reliable way to publish her master thesis. After a ton of work and a bit of magic, she finally published, gaining global reactions and selling in countries like Brazil and China. She launched PublishDrive in 2015 so that others can share their passions, just like she did.
Kinga Jentetics
Róbert Csizmár
Ádám Rendes
VP Engineering
Google Developers
We're proud graduates of the Google Developers Launchpad project, a six-month accelerator program in California. We've received training, mentoring, and $100,000 in Google Cloud credits!
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