Audiobook Distribution with a Global Reach

Distribute audiobooks to popular stores and streaming platforms using one single dashboard. Authors and publishers can reach a world of audiophiles using PublishDrive as their distribution platform.

audiobook distribution with global reach

Why Choose PublishDrive

Widest reach

PublishDrive has the widest list of audiobook distributors, including Audible, Spotify, Apple Books, Google Play, Scribd, Kobo, and more.

Flat-fee subscription 

The flat-fee structure offers predictability, making it easier for authors & publishers to budget and plan their distribution expenses.

Intuitive platform

Enjoy a user-friendly and intuitive platform with a simple, secure upload process and comprehensive dashboard.

API Integration

PublishDrive’s API system improves your connectivity to enjoy a publishing process without interruption.

Royalty Management

Manage author royalties and keep track of all your income using a simple royalty-management feature.

Financial Reports

Use our sales analytics to generate easy-to-understand financial reports, track sales, and never miss a payment.

Reach Millions of Listeners with Global Audiobook Distribution

PublishDrive serves as a pivotal audiobook distribution platform, offering a centralized solution that eliminates the hassle of individually uploading audiobook files to multiple platforms. 

Through a streamlined distribution network, authors and publishers can efficiently manage their content while tapping into a global audience reached through different audiobook distribution companies, such as Audible, OverDrive, Findaway, and others, fostering growth and achieving their goals.


global audiobook distribution



publisher tools for audiobooks

Publisher Tools

Besides being an audiobook distributor, PublishDrive helps you with the processes after you publish your audiobook. 

PublishDrive offers a user-friendly interface that adapts to various publishing needs, whether handling large inventories or smaller collections. This flexibility allows seamless growth and efficient management for publishers of any scale.

Additionally, the platform provides a royalty management system and sales analytics, empowering publishers with comprehensive financial reports. This feature enables them to concentrate on expanding their reach and audience without getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Audiobook Promotion Services

After selecting your audiobook distributors, kick off your audiobook promotion. Leverage PublishDrive's included marketing tools like price promotions and featured placements through Written Word Media’s AudioThicket.

Boost the visibility of your audiobooks by adjusting prices and enlisting them in promotional offers.

audiobook promotion services
turn ebooks into audiobooks

Turn Ebooks into Audiobooks

You can skip the complicated audiobook-making process. PublishDrive is one of Apple Books' preferred providers. Publish your ebooks with us and easily convert them into audiobooks using Apple Digital Narration.

Convert your written words into captivating audio stories that resonate with those who cherish the art of listening.

Turn ebooks into audiobooks

How to Distribute Audiobooks with PublishDrive

To start publishing on our audio distribution platform, all you need is a finished audiobook file and a cover image, and we’ll take care of the rest. Getting started with global audiobook distribution is fast and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Create account

Create a PublishDrive account and upload your audiobook file and cover image.

Upload files

Go to My Books on your dashboard and upload your audio files and cover files.

Choose the stores

Switch on the stores you’d like to distribute to and start earning royalties.

Start Publishing & Distributing Using an Audiobook Platform with a Global Reach

Whether you're an aspiring author or an established publisher, PublishDrive offers a seamless avenue to publish and distribute audiobooks. With an expansive reach and user-friendly interface, we simplify the process, ensuring your content reaches diverse audiences across the globe and increasing your audiobook sales.

Distribute audiobooks

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