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One in five people listen to audio books in the US. It’s the fastest-growing segment in the book world as Deloitte predicts a 25% hike in 2021. Jump on the bandwagon and learn how you can get started with audiobook distribution. 

How to Make an Audiobook?

An audiobook is a recording of a book or magazine read out loud. It’s popular one among all ages. Folks on the run can pop in a pair of headphones to digest content easily. Parents are introducing their young children to literature early on.

There are several DIY methods out there to create an audiobook. You can also hire freelancers or delegate the work to audiobook production and distribution companies. Most importantly, you need a narrator to voice your story.

Author creating her audiobook ready for international stores

Self-publishing companies like Audiobook Creation Exchange, Authors Republic, or Findaway Voices help with finding a narrator. Then, prepare your audio and related files for commercial readiness (which you can outsource as well). Finally, with your finished audiobook handy, we encourage you to distribute it across stores and countries.

There are three things to know when preparing your audiobook: 

  1. Your audiobook should comprise of audio files, usually mp3. 
  2. Each chapter of your book should be a separate audio file. Every chapter needs a title name, at least “Chapter 1”.
  3. Each audio file should start with the chapter number being read out loud.

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Where to Find Listeners?

Once you've got your audiobook, where to go?

Audible and iTunes are popular audio platforms to look into. However, know that there’s a larger network of listeners on Android devices via Google Play Books. Tap into all of them!

For audiobook retailers, Amazon and iTunes are first thought of. But on our audiobook distribution platform, 60% of digital book sales come from outside of Amazon. Other models like subscription stores and digital libraries are more than happy to carry your book. 

Authors distributing their audiobook to international listeners

How to distribute audiobooks?

With PublishDrive’s platform for audiobook distribution, you can reach listeners in markets all over the world. Not only the largest audiobook retailers like Amazon’s Audible, but thousands of libraries, subscription models, music streaming services, and more. The best part is, you keep 100% of the royalties.

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How Profitable is Audio?

Audio is the most promising format in the world of books. It not only has the highest growth rate, but it breaks into a completely different audience. They’re a group of dedicated audiobook listeners.

It’s important to know that profit margins are a bit lower for indie authors in this space. You just need to double-check your royalty rates when distributing with various publishers or platforms.

Most places provide a distribution network that asks for a royalty share agreement. This means you would receive about 80% of royalties. When we do the math, that gets you only 20-36% percent of the digital list price.

That can be quite a bummer, especially with how expensive audiobook creation is.

For a more profitable route and higher royalty rates, use PublishDrive. With one dashboard, you can sell your content worldwide while keeping 100% of the royalties you make. On top of that, get perks like tracking your audiobook with real-time sales reports and analytics.

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Audiobook publishing may seem challenging and pricey at first. But the good news is that you’d be working in a less competitive yet rewarding venture.

Listeners are looking for more content than ever before.

Break it down into 5 steps:

  1. Find a narrator or use cost-effective tools to do it yourself
  2. Prepare your audio files chapter by chapter
  3. Create your audiobook cover
  4. Sign up to PublishDrive and upload your audio files with a friendly user interface
  5. On our platform, set the price, your metadata info, and the stores you’d like to distribute to

Fun fact: Our authors increased book sales by 85% on average, after joining PublishDrive. 

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