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Fantasy Author Brandon Sanderson Negotiates Better Audible Royalties for All Authors

better audible royalty rates for all authors

Famous fantasy author Brandon Sanderson announced a positive development in the ongoing discussion about audiobook royalties for authors.

Last year, Sanderson raised concerns about the lack of transparency and low royalty rates offered by audiobook distributors, particularly Audible. He argued that authors deserved a larger share of the profits generated by their work, similar to the rates offered in other creative industries like music and video games.

In response to these concerns, Sanderson took the bold step of withholding his highly anticipated "Secret Projects" from Audible. This decision, while difficult, aimed to highlight the need for change and encourage healthy competition in the audiobook market.

Sanderson's efforts appear to have paid off. He recently announced that, after months of discussions with Audible, a new royalty structure has been negotiated. This new structure, which will be implemented sometime in 2024, offers several improvements for authors:

  • Increased minimum royalty rates: Authors will receive a higher percentage of the revenue generated from each audiobook sale.
  • Improved transparency: Authors will receive more detailed information about how their royalties are calculated and distributed.
  • Monthly royalty payments: Authors will receive their royalties more frequently, allowing for better cash flow management.

While the new structure doesn't meet all of Sanderson's original demands, he believes it represents a significant step forward for authors in the audiobook space.

He acknowledges that further progress is needed, particularly regarding exclusive deals and author pricing control, but he sees this development as a positive signal for the future.

Sanderson's successful negotiation highlights the power of individual voices advocating for change. He encourages other authors to speak out about industry issues and work together to create a fairer and more sustainable environment for creators.

The news has been met with enthusiasm by fans and fellow authors alike, who recognize the potential benefits of this agreement for the entire literary community.

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