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Brave New Bookshelf Episode 3 – The AI Tools We Use

In this episode of the Brave New Bookshelf podcast, Steph Pajonas and Danica Favorite share their experiences and insights on AI use in publishing:

1. AI: A Tool, Not a Replacement

Both Steph and Danica emphasize that AI shouldn't replace human creativity. Instead, it's a powerful tool to enhance the writing and publishing process. Steph uses AI for brainstorming and drafting, while Danica uses dictation tools to boost her writing efficiency.

2. Ethical Considerations

The discussion also highlights the ethical implications of AI and how it should be used responsibly, not as a shortcut to replace humans. Both hosts advocate for a balanced approach: use AI, but don’t forget the ethical practices.

3. Practical Tips and Tools

The episode offers valuable tips for authors looking to incorporate AI into their workflows. From drafting and editing to marketing, Steph and Danica share actionable advice on using AI. They also recommend their favorite AI tools, providing listeners with a starting point for exploring these technologies.

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Brave New Bookshelf is more than a podcast. It's a meeting place for authors and publishing professionals to discuss the changing world of publishing with AI. Whether you're wary of AI or excited about its potential, this episode equips you with the knowledge and insights you need.

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