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Over 18K indies are selling books online with PublishDrive's distribution network. Reach thousands of bookstores around the world, over 400 bookstores and 240K libraries.

Our network includes:

Major retailers like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Barnes & Noble
Niche channels like Dreame, Scrid, and OverDrive
Lucrative hard-to-reach markets like China

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PublishDrive distribution to thousands of bookstores

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PublishDrive is built to make self-publishing as quick and easy as possible. On one dashboard, manage multiple book formats (ebook, audiobook, print-on-demand), promote strategically, and a ton more.

Take care of your publishing gig in 4 steps:


Prepare Your Book

Upload your files for ebook, audiobook, or print-on-demand. An AI editor helps put everything together from formatting to metadata.


Publish Your Book

Simply switch on the stores you want to sell in. After hitting submit, it takes a few business days for PublishDrive to review your book. When approved, your book gets sent out immediately.


Promote Your Book

Choose from a suite of book marketing tools and perks. Run promos on book prices, get featured in newsletters, collect reviews, and more.


Track Your Book

Keep up with reviews, ratings, and real-time sales for numerous stores on one dashboard. Get automatic royalty reports, pre-made charts, and never miss a payment.

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Streamline your work with smart tools and features:

✅  Distribution to 400+ book stores and 240K+ libraries

✅  Multiple formats: ebook, print-on-demand, audiobook

✅  Automated book import with an AI-driven book editor

✅  Bulk upload and management of books

✅  Clean manuscript conversion and support from industry experts

✅  Pre-order strategy

✅  Promotion tools and features: Amazon advertising, price promotions, featuring opportunities, and more

✅  Real-time sales analytics

✅  Collaboration tools for splitting royalties and managing finances

✅  PublishDrive takes no commission on sales: collect 100% royalties

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3 Highlights

1. All your tools in one place

PublishDrive gives you access to everything you need to run your best publishing business. Having all your sales and marketing tools working together saves you time and money. Especially when working with multiple books in multiple stores and markets.

Instead of switching between apps, harmonize your workflow with PublishDrive.

2. Follow your data

Managing your data is the most time consuming task when it comes to indie publishing. Spreadsheets are great for collecting your data, but not so great for figuring out what it means. Also, when you're entering your data manually, errors are common.

PublishDrive syncs your sales and marketing data for easy tracking. Follow your performance and make better decisions, whether you're working with one book or 10,000 books.

3. Get the support you need

In a market thats changing all the time, you need a team that can support you full speed ahead. Our reps are ready to be your direct line of communication to store partners like Amazon and Apple.

“It’s good to have a partner who can act as a representative with these stores...there can’t be personal reps for everyone. With PublishDrive, there is a bigger representative on the market which can fight for us publishers.” – Samuel Pinansky, Founder at J-Novel Club


Is the number next to each plan, the number of books I can upload in a month or total?

The number is the maximum number of books you can have in your account. If you would like to add more books, you can upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

What promotion opportunities are included in the higher plans?

Promotion options at higher plans include store-specific featuring opportunities, running price promotions, sending review copies, and more.

PublishDrive isn't only just a ebook distribution platform. We allow promotion for all formats. Read more about promotions and marketing here.

I am working with other distributors. Can I bring the same books to you?

Yes, PublishDrive does not ask for exclusivity.

To maximize your earnings by keeping 100% of your royalties, enjoy real-time sales analytics and promotion options, we suggest selling on as many channels as possible through PublishDrive. To do that, we suggest deactivating them on other conflicting sites for the best possible reader experience. Read more about the topic here.

Is it possible to switch plans later?

Yes, you can switch plans at any time.

I'd like to distribute print, ebook and audiobook as well. Can I do that with PublishDrive and how much does it cost?

Whether you're looking for something specific like an audiobook distributor, or want to go wide with print and ebook instead, PublishDrive has you covered. In fact, any combination of them! Just select a plan that includes the right amount of titles and you are ready to go! Just remember that each format (even for the same book), counts as a separate title.

I have more than 50 titles. How can I work with you?

We work with many publishers (from the indie world, but even from the trade or academic world) who have hundreds, and even thousands of titles.

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