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💬 Definition of a Bound Galley:

A bound galley, galley copy, or galley proof is your book's final pre-production version. They are created and printed mainly for editors, proofreaders, and authors to do one last check before the manuscript gets published and goes to the public.

Related questions about bound galleys:

What are galleys in publishing?

A bound galley is a final proof of an article or book before it goes into production. The term bound suggests the printed, bounded book format. Its covers could be the final design of the upcoming book, or you can send it out without a cover design or a similar design to what you have in mind for the final version of the book. 

Why are books called galleys?

The name comes from the printing press used in the days of hand-set letterpress printing. The printer set the page into galleys, which are metal trays that hold the type into place. Then, a small proof press was used to print a limited number of copies for proofreading.

How can you get galley proofs?

You can send galley proofs electronically, which is much faster and more convenient. But if you want to print them, you can ask for author print-on-demand copies from your self-publishing platform of choice. If you're traditionally publishing your book, the publisher will help you with your galley proofs. Even traditional publishers most often send electronic galleys now, as opposed to a paper copy for edits.

Who should you send galley copies to?

Since galley proofs are meant to help you spot the mistakes before publishing your book, you should send them to proofreaders, editors, and copy editors. They can sometimes be sent out for promotional purposes, such as gathering a few reviews before the publication day, such as friends, family, potential endorsers, media, and other influencers. But that's the role of an advance reader copy.

What's the difference between an advance reader copy and a galley proof?

Galleys are usually the version just before the final proofreading, while ARCs are nearly finalized manuscripts. Another difference is their purpose. While galley proofs are meant to help you spot any mistakes before publishing, ARCs are sent to reviewers, influencers, or other authors to gather reviews before publishing.

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