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💬 Definition of Critique Service:

The manuscript critique service is a general assessment of your manuscript regarding plot, characters, and style. This service is performed by highly experienced, published authors or professionals who can give their opinion and constructive criticism so other authors can improve their writing. There are critiquing services that can also suggest where you can publish your book, which means increased chances of getting your manuscript published.

Related questions about critique services:

What is the difference between a critique service and an editing service?

A critique service is something an author can use before they submit their manuscript to a copy editor. A critique is a big-picture analysis of the manuscript. It tackles overall consistency in structure, character development, point of view, perspective, and themes. 

On the other hand, a manuscript critique doesn't handle the following (which are taken care of by a copy editor): grammar, misspelled words, and dialogue inconsistencies.

After a critique analysis, the author can get suggestions on how to improve their story in the form of an editorial memo.

What's an editorial memo?

An editorial memo is the editor's response to your manuscript after they reviewed it as part of the critique analysis. In this memo, an author can find a detailed critique of their story/manuscript and how it can be revised to make it more cohesive. 

An editorial memo can contain the following: 

  • Ways to improve the plot.
  • How to include or develop characters.
  • Advice on which parts of the manuscript should be deleted and how to spot them in the future.
  • Ways to notice inconsistencies.
  • How to improve the story's voice and tone.

How much does the critiquing service cost?

The fee varies based on the length of the manuscript and the type of critique you need. The length depends on the genre; it can be poetry, short stories, plays, or novels. It can be a critique of the scene outline or the entire manuscript. You will usually find fees based on word count.

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